*Extended for one more day! No Looking Back $100,000 Matching Grant

2016 was the year that tested our strength, courage and hearts. From the infamous power outage to the heart wrenching distemper outbreak, it was a year of trials. But the one constant through it all was you, there to pick us up and put us back in the driver’s seat to save even more lives. Now it’s time to stop looking back. We’re only looking ahead now, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that each new day brings. Our “freedom rides” are back, delivering that precious gift of new beginnings. 


Caboose's Freedom Ride!

I am excited to announce the launch of our new No Looking Back $100,000 Matching Grant! Every dollar you give will be matched, but we must reach $100,000 for it to turn into $200,000.  With your help, this funding will help us move forward, save more lives and help pay for dog apartments that are safe, comfortable and incapable of spreading disease. It will help us pay for medical costs necessary for daily lifesaving surgeries, critical vaccines and supplies. We’re looking ahead and moving forward to make sure Stray Rescue has this funding for what we all love the most – the vulnerable dogs and cats in our community who have no one else.

One of the new kids, Hooligan

Help us help these thousands of street dogs and cats get the help and care they deserve so they never have to look back at their rough beginnings and have hope for a happier, brighter future in a loving home. Help them to know that, as a community, we have their backs. Please donate today, and your dollars will go twice as far. Let’s reach this goal! And we have some surprises coming up for you during this campaign, so stay tuned to learn more!

Medical Emergency: Fortune, a new rescue with a broken leg


Your love and compassion drives us to be better humans and better rescuers. Thank you!

Many thanks to the Friends of Stray Rescue who made the No Looking Back Matching Grant possible including The Schnuck Family, Steven & Bonnie Katz (In Memory of Hitchcock Katz) and many others who wish to remain anonymous.

Ok, let’s give!



Would you prefer to call with your credit card number?  Please call (314) 771-6121 during normal business hours, between 10am - 7pm. 

Or, mail a check to:

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

2320 Pine Street

St. Louis, MO 63103


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