2016: The Year of You

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, Stray Rescue enters its 20th year. So I sit here in disbelief as I think back on how Stray Rescue started with a young kid, a backpack and $400 doing whatever he could to save the unwanted dogs of St. Louis. You, our loyal supporter, had a huge hand in saving the countless abused. Like a steady-handed co-pilot, you have always been there for the dogs and for that kid 20 years ago who had one dream – to end the suffering. Of course I am still a big kid, same heart, but with wrinkles now.

2016 was a remarkable year of highs and lows. Here’s a reminder of all we have accomplished as a team, a family and a

Your support paid for the medical care of countless severely abused dogs like Tasha, Leben, Sparkle, Champ, Nickels, Frann, Noble, and many more. Their rescues are seared in my heart forever. It was you who were there for these precious souls ensuring we had the funding to pay their medical bills. Because of our partnership with you, these dogs are alive, happy and healthy today. You believed in them and the healing hearts of Stray Rescue.


Nickles Before & After


Champ Before & After

Your support allowed us to travel to rural Irondale, MO to rescue the lives of over 18 emaciated, dying dogs with mange and help the elderly woman who was caring for them and in over her head. I watched the staff pick up each dog off the property with tears in their eyes and compassion in their hearts. And again, you were there to make sure they healed and now have that precious second lease on life – a real home.


Your support kept our dogs cool and safe during the power outage in the stifling heat of the June summer sun. We were moved to tears as you rallied behind us, fostering dogs to get them out of the heat, donating water, ice and other supplies to keep our dogs safe. It was a massive and time sensitive undertaking, but you pulled us through. You are always there.


Your support made it possible for us to renovate our Intake Room so the newly rescued dogs had the best, safest comfort straight off the streets. Once again, you stepped up for us by donating and taking a dog to foster for several months while the construction was underway. Now completed, I smile when I see a stray resting and happy in their new apartment.


Intake Room Before Renovation


Intake Room After Renovation

You supported us as we publicly grieved for the dogs we weren’t able to save. You showed up and cried with us during the memorial at Benton Park Bridge as we remembered and honored those we lost against the battle of animal abuse and when we scattered their ashes. We were one community sharing a special moment of honor and grief.



And you gave us your unwavering support in our darkest hour when we needed you the most – during the Distemper Outbreak. You stood arm in arm with us as we tested and treated each dog individually, cared for the sick, grieved the ones we lost and navigated through the worst crisis in Stray Rescue history. Your support allowed us to stay true to our values of treating the dogs as individuals instead of euthanizing all the dogs in the shelter or any that merely showed symptoms, like most other shelters would have. You donated to help us pay for testing and treatment, donated supplies and brought my staff lunch and dinner for weeks. I am eternally grateful to you for believing in us and helping us through this extremely difficult time. We all felt your loving arms wrapped tightly around us.


January 2017 is a historic time in our history as we start our 20th year and reopen our doors for the tattered and torn abused dogs. I am asking you for that one last gift for the end of the year, that donation that will be there for the street dogs as they enter Stray Rescue’s arms embraced by the power of YOU in 2017.



Love and WOOF,

Randy Grim




If you prefer to call with a donation, we are happy to assist! Give us a call between 9 am and 7 pm.  (314) 771-6121

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