Cayenne-Criminal or Sweet Stray? (a Randy favorite story)



Cayenne is a very recent rescue and so is her many pups! Even though Stray Rescue has stepped up to help all the dogs from the pound and welcomed them into our new home at Pine St., we still have not and will not lost focus of why Randy started the organization…..the street dogs.

Up North there was a mama dog (Cayenne) and her babies. The babies were an easy rescue but Cayenne ran away because of her fear of humans. With mange starting to take its toll and malnourished, we really wanted to reunite her with her pups.


It had to wait 24 hours.

Her day came but not with some action. The empty shack she called home was taped off. Randy and Donna thought it was odd to see FBI vans, police and an entire street blocked off. With their concerns being the dog, they used an alley…still not knowing what is going on and quite use to "street action" over the years.  There she was running from all the excitement. Randy tried the hotdog trick to lure her but she was in a full sprint…but from what?

Randy decided food wasn’t going to do the trick so with a few deep breaths, he walked up to her slowly and said “would you like to come with me?”  She looked at him about to dart but did a double take and slowly walked into his arms. No food or traps…just a trusting voice. She is with her pups and safe at Pine. And she is wonderful!

Now for the kicker- Randy, Donna and Cayenne were running around during a standoff, grenades and all - Police sources have said that $11 million had been taken from a robbery- firing tear gas, sending in a robot and raiding the building with flash-bang disruptive devices, police and the FBI discovered that no one was home…Cayenne had left the building!  Our little burglar. Now if she can just tell us where she hid the money we could save all the animals! J


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