We Will Not Let Distemper Define Us: This is what life would be like without Stray Rescue.

This is what life would be like without Stray Rescue. 

With this horrible distemper outbreak gripping our shelter and preventing us from rescuing right now, I’m reminded of this story and video we posted last year. It’s entitled “What If There Were No Stray Rescue?” It paints a dismal picture of what it would be like for our city’s stray, abandoned and abused animals and the horrors they would have to endure if we were not around anymore.

When we put this story together, I never actually imagined that it could have a ring of truth.  This is what life would be like without Stray Rescue of St. Louis. We simply can’t let this happen. Distemper cannot and will not define us. 

The future of Stray Rescue is bright. But, that future depends on you. We will get through this. We are Stray Rescue. Help define our future by donating.

Traffic comes to a halt as car horns begin to blare.  Sprinting across the street is a pack of dogs with frantic looks on their faces. They’re all feral and on a mission to flee the sounds of angry motorists. These are dogs that are born, live, and die on the streets, never having been socialized to humans. This is now an epidemic borne of vastly increased dog fighting, dogs bred for aggressiveness, and reduced animal control.

Bombs could drop and do less damage to this northern city block.  The sound of whimpering puppies breaks through the gloom. Looking closely at the decaying structures, you see shadows of stray dogs. The human residents have vanished from this war torn block and have now been replaced with these new struggling inhabitants.

In O’Fallon Park at dusk, a Chevy Impala races by then suddenly stops. The car’s tinted windows are so dark you have no idea that a dog is inside. A tan and white Pit Bull who obviously lost a dog fight is tossed out of the window. No longer could he turn a buck for his abusers and is now deemed worthless and discarded like garbage. The Chevy takes off, and the bloody dog slowly limps under the park’s gazebo. This will be his place to die alone and in pain.

Impoverished families needing a helping hand to keep their pets fed and healthy call every city number they can for help. But they do so in vain. There is no one to help their situation, and so with that last desperate call to nowhere, they release their dogs to the streets to fend for themselves. Not spayed or neutered, they will add to the epidemic of overpopulation that has already gripped our city.

In a trash filled alley, a litter of newborn pups lies next to their lifeless mom, shot dead. They become the next fatalities of this miserable despair that now engulfs our city.

An aching sense of gloom fills the city’s air like a huge fog bank rolling in over the Mississippi River. Something is out of balance. Almost everywhere you look in the City of St. Louis is a stray dog.  What happened to our city?

This could be St. Louis today if there was no Stray Rescue of St. Louis. What could make this dreary fog lift?

Knowing there is a Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

The fog starts to lift knowing Stray Rescue is there to rescue the feral packs of dogs who will no longer have to run panicked with fear and fend for themselves on the mean streets. Sounds of angry blaring horns are a thing of the past. They will have a warm, safe, compassionate place to decompress, become socialized with the human pack and learn what it’s like to just be a dog. They now feel love, safety and have a real home.

Knowing there’s a Stray Rescue means mama dogs don’t have to give birth on the street or in a vacant shanty. Mama and pups have saviors to rescue them and provide everything they need to have healthy, happy lives. Now spayed and in a loving home, mama will never have to give birth to another litter ever again.

Knowing there’s a Stray Rescue means that the brutally abused, abandoned and neglected will be saved from their heartless abusers and will receive the medical care and treatment they need. They have a legion of people who care about what happens to them and work toward ensuring justice.

Knowing there’s a Stray Rescue means that the residents in underserved communities of our city have the resources they need to keep their pets healthy, fed and happy. Senior citizens don’t have to be lonely anymore and are able to enjoy the companionship and love of an animal regardless of their financial situation. The feeling of isolation is gone.

Knowing there’s a Stray Rescue means reducing the homeless dog epidemic. One male and one female dog can produce an astounding 67,000 dogs in just seven years. Stray Rescue saves over 3,000 strays a year. If you do the math, you know the impact we are making. It’s tangible and real.


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