With The Thaw Comes More Dogs: Meet Barret and Jenny


This week has been one of the busiest so far this year. With a spring feeling thaw, the strays come out to find food. It is, as usual, another tough time of the year.

Traveling to a CSB (Citizen Service Bureau) call I spotted what I thought was another victim of this hectic defrosting but as I whistled his head poked up and then he darted. He flew up the stairs of the shattered house that was crumbling down. Each step he took running and I took chasing after him; we both could have easily fallen through the flooring.


Once upstairs I spotted both him and another dog, she was about to jump through a large missing wall to the streets. With my heart pacing I decide that it would be best to lie on the cluttered floor and befriend both. Within minutes I got two new best friends, Barret and Jenny!  Guys, these two are Perfection. They loved me and they love other dogs and kind people.  Their bad  days are over.




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