Another Intolerable Animal Abuse Case (WARNING - GRAPHIC STORY AND IMAGES)

Responding to a CSB (Citizen’s Service Bureau) report on a hot, mid-June day, Randy Grim and Stray Rescue staff were faced with an overwhelmingly heartbreaking and sickening site. On St. Louis’ Cottage Avenue, a family abandoned 9 dogs and 15 cats in a locked house for 5 days in the sweltering summer heat. And as if that’s not despicable enough, the woman who lived in the house is a government employee in the federal courts system.

When Randy and team arrived at the scene to rescue, they found two bone-thin puppies, starving and without water, eating the carcass of one of their dead siblings. The heat in the house and the smell of death were overbearing. The other dogs appeared to have suffered in a basement thickly caked with feces, but seemingly escaped through a broken door in the basement (which was detached from the rest of the house) and are now left to fend for themselves on the streets. The pups who were rescued were taken back to Stray Rescue, but are isolated from other dogs due to disease, infection, and high fevers from feeding off of the dead body.

The Stray Rescue staff was in tears. The abuse and neglect these totally innocent companion animals, “man’s best friends,” are forced to endure is rampant and goes largely unnoticed and unpunished. Though it’s so difficult to see, these realities must be shown or nothing will change. As a society, we can no longer ignore or tolerate this awful, heartless behavior. Randy is going to personally make sure that these abusive people are prosecuted.

Please help make St. Louis a zero tolerance city for animal abuse and report it immediately to our Animal Abuse Hotline at 314.771.6121 extension 232. It is completely confidential and you may report anonymously.

If you’re able, please click here to donate to the Stracks Fund and help give these victims a second chance at the loving lives of which they’ve been deprived.




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