*WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT* One of the Worst Days I Can Remember

"Our Little Boy" R.I.P

This is a tough one for me to write, and I can barely bring myself to relive this awful day last Thursday.  We respond to many CSB calls a day (Citizen Service Bureau complaints to the city) in order to help our city, as well as our normal street rescues. The worst part is these are just 2 of 20 victims rescued that day.


I doubt City Hall, the country, or other animal agencies have seen or understand the scope of animal abuse in St. Louis. We should be disgusted and disgraced at what we have let happen and have allowed to become part of many people’s daily lives…abuse to our four legged companion animals. There is no support to change North St. Louis. No money nor education. There is just us to clean up their messes and cry. I live in an ignorant city. The problem is primarily in North City.


I named him “Our Little Boy” and her “Our Little Girl”.  Our Little Boy died the most cruel, slow, agonizing death in my memory, and I have seen horrors. But this time it gutted my soul. This CSB was about 2 dogs starving and dying in the basement of a home. The person who reported the CSB is also the abuser (cultural and taught by our city). Culturally, many people in North City expect the city to come pick up their dogs after they have done awful acts of cruelty, though the reality is it is only me who comes. A man has even shot his dog (still alive) and reported it to CSB so I would pick up his trash (the dog). If I ask the police for help they usually make fun of me or get angry that I am wasting their time. I am alone out there. Such was the case for Our Girl and Our Boy. The abuser complains to the city that her dogs are dying and they need to come get them, the city faxes it to me, I respond and ... do my best to save the dogs. I failed.

The woman didn’t want me to see her basement, so just minutes before arriving she took one dog, still barely alive, and tossed him like trash into the dumpster. The other dog was allowed out front and could barely stand from starvation. Something told us to check the dumpster when she said, as if telling me about the weather, “I threw the other dog away.” When we asked if it was still alive she said, “it could be.” Oddly I felt no anger, I felt helplessness. There was Our Boy, holding on to life in that awful dumpster. No time to cry yet.

Both dogs were rushed to our Trauma Center. I watched Our Boy take his last breath, petting his head, apologizing that he was even born and to only know pain. We all were crying. Honestly, I have cried at least once a day since Thursday. We don’t have a stray dog problem up North, we have a people problem. We probably have the worst animal abuse in the country, but it is like my own secret and burden. I guess I am asking for all of you who read this to speak up, insist that the city for once in its history puts some money into prosecuting and charging these misguided, immoral people. Tell the police to quit treating animal abuse like it is an inconvenience….I can’t do it alone, and it is lonely out there on the streets. I can’t keep taking dying dogs away just to see the abuser get another poor soul to torture. Our Boy’s killer said to us all she can’t wait to get a Yorkie next. God have mercy on that poor dog. The scary part is I am sure she will get one.

Speak up. Speak with me. My heart can’t take too much more of this every day of my life. I am sorry for the graphic images but the truth has to be seen and heard before real change can take place.

There are two ways you can make a very real difference right now. Join the fight to secure desperately needed emergency medical funds by taking part in The Stracks Fund $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge, which you can learn about by clicking here. You can also have a voice for Our Little Boy, Our Little Girl, and all the suffering strays by contacting the St. Louis Aldermen and telling them you want to see Alderwoman Lyda Krewson's animal abuse bill passed.

Love and woof, and from my heart


P.S. Thank you Jenn, Darrell , Dr. Karen and our amazing vet staff for trying to save Our Little Boy with me.


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