Rescuing Aidan: Attacked and Almost Killed

After receiving yet another call about a dog lying in the grass near death, we arrived at an area known for animal abuse to find that two other dogs in the area had attacked and severely injured this big, handsome boy we named Aidan Montgomery.

Aidan could barely breath. His almost lifeless body was so heavy in my arms, and we drove the Jeep into the yard in order to get him in quickly. We were leery of the two aggressive dogs who were intently watching, and notified Animal Control Officers that they were in the area.

We rushed Aidan back to Stray Rescue's trauma center, where he could get the medical attention he desperately needed. By the time we returned it looked as if we were too late. However, though he had been in shock and seizing, our vet staff was able to stabilize him. It's touch and go right now, but at least Aidan is off the streets and in a place where people care.

The rescue of Aidan was tough enough, but it breaks my heart to know that the other two dogs are not at fault - it's the people who made them aggressive by so much abuse and neglect. If you're able, please donate to The Stracks Fund and help severe cases like Aidan get emergency medical care by clicking the "donate" icon below.

Love and Woof!

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