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Save Heartbeats with a Monthly Gift - $19.99/month


Save heartbeats with a monthly gift!

For $19.99/month, you can save their lives

We are so THRILLED to inform you all that we...have a TV commercial that begins running today!! ? Our skilled friend Max Bouvatte filmed and edited for us. Our talented and passionate friend Hunter Sansone gave us his voice. Randy Morgan and our generous friends at Guild Mortgage are sponsoring to make this possible. #GuildGives The Randy Morgan Mortgage Team All of these stars have aligned so we can share our message on TV and reach new audiences in St. Louis! With a gift of $19.99/month, you are doing more good than you could ever guess. Sign up and save lives!

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Friday, March 31, 2023

Your monthly gift allows us to say YES to those who need us most


Stray Rescue seeks out and takes in the most severe cases and give those who have been hit by cars, shot, starved, and left to die the chance they deserve. Our financial need is growing as more animals suffer daily in our city and beyond. Sadly we are seeing more abandonment and abuse. But together, we can turn this around. Together, we can save them. 


We find them fearful, and we provide stability and kindness. Soon they are brave and calm. 

We find them starving, and we provide nourishment. Soon they are energetic and thriving. 

We find them ill and injured, and we provide skilled medical care. Soon they are healthy and pain-free. 

We find them nervous, and we provide time and patience. Soon they are trusting and grateful.


We value every penny we receive and are eternally grateful for every person who has donated to our mission for the past 25 years. Sadly, our needs continue to grow as we take on more than ever before. It appears humans still haven't learned how to apprecite man's best friend. They take them for granted, treat them like garbage, and discard their heartbeats every single day.

But together, we can help them. 


Because of our supporters, the dogs and cats who cross our threshold are held, loved, and medically treated no matter how horrible their wounds appear. They get a second chance here, and are adopted to loving families who adore them. We are rescuing thousands of dogs every single year, spaying/neutering them, helping them, and loving them. We can't do it without you.

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If you have the means, please join our $19.99/month donation campaign. This elite group of supporters will allow us to grow our reach and rescue so many more precious lives from our streets doing their best to survive. Joining this group not only shows your dedication to our mission, but it also reflects your desire to invest in the future of Stray Rescue and help us say YES to every rescue that comes our way without hesitation. 

As a thank you, we will send you this shirt, directly to your doorstep (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). Wear it proudly, you are doing so much good!

heartbeat shirt


I'd like to view your adoptable animals!

I'd like to sign up to volunteer!

I'd like to see what adoption and fundraising events are coming up! 

I'd like to learn more about fostering!

A huge thank you to Randy Morgan of Guild Mortgage, Hunter Sansone, and Max Bouvatte for making our TV commercial possible! 

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