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2020: More Lives Saved than Ever Before

December 29, 2020 | 11:30am


2020: More Lives Saved than Ever Before

As we begin to look back and reflect on this year, it is one like no other. It threw us all a curve ball no one could ever have anticipated, and everyone tried to adapt the best they could. No matter how hard it was or how much heartbreak your family may have endured, one thing is a constant with everyone: Family and friends are more important than ever. And for us, we have never been more grateful. The never-ending need to help our animal friends drastically increased and you were there for us every single time.

It seemed there was one abuse, neglect and abandonment case after another, never giving us a chance to come up for air. We are saddened beyond belief by the callous betrayal of man’s best friend. Their only ask is for life’s simplest needs: nourishment and kindness. Yet so many have never known either. 

Every time we were asked to help, we found it much harder to say no than to say YES and then just figure out a way to make it happen. From taking in a dog who had been thrown off a bridge, to countless dogs suffering from gunshot wounds, to taking in hundreds of dogs and cats from large transports and evacuations across the country…we just keep saying yes. 

And these cases aren’t easy, nor are they inexpensive. But when we look into each animal’s eyes and promise them the best life possible, we mean it. And then, we do it. We’ve had to raise funds for animals to have intricate specialty surgeries to keep their limbs or to have their jaws and hips repaired. The reason? It’s simple…because they deserve it. 

We thank the hundreds of foster families, who continue to open their hearts and homes to our animals time after time, and to so many who fostered for the very first time. Because of you, we were able to save so many homeless underdogs, including: (*ALL OF THE ANIMALS SHOWN BELOW HAVE MADE FULL RECOVERIES, THANKS TO YOU!!)

THE STARVED, like Ali, Rhiannon, Hadley, Tusk, and so many more.

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THE CHAINED, like Hoss Cartwright, Cobalt, Biden, Rascall Flatts, Squid, Willa, and so many others. 

cobalt biden hoss polo
THE WOUNDED, like Denver, Judith, Pugsley Addams, Tyson, Cilly, Porter, and so many more.

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THE BROKEN, who had to be put back together like Hazel, Jumbo Jack, Sunflower, and so many others. 

hazel IMG 1512 IMG 6460 jacksmall1

THE NEGLECTED, like Sissy, Rango, Eeyore, Dolly, Kreacher, Weezy, and so many more. 

Dolly396895307727196 n eeyore kreacher rangosmall weezysmall IMG 1828

THE ABANDONED, like Ziggy, Jeremy, Hilde, the 23 'Marble' dogs, Rent, Shimmer, Chatterbox, the 'Home Depot' kittens, and so many others.

ziggy 4898383602355535872 n abandonedmarble manatee breakin hilde1

THE BETRAYED, like Achilles, the 46 'Lincoln' dogs, Chowder, Hilde, the "Coffee" pups, and so many more. 

hercules betrayedsmall1 betrayedsmall2 

THE ABUSED, like Freedom, Champion, Libby, Scout, and so many more. 

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THE FERAL, like Mummy and her puppies, the Get Smart family, Dee Dee, Wildling and her puppies, and so many others.

getsmart6790025811489436 o IMG 1775 homeless mama max


Before the year ends, we ask you to make one last tax-deductible gift, to help us get through the bitterly cold upcoming months. This time of year is the hardest for us with dwindling financial support fighting against the increase in animals who desperately need our help. And with the pandemic continuing to challenge the world, we worry we won’t be able to save them all. We worry we’ll be forced to triage cases on the street and have to say no to some, which will absolutely break our hearts. As we look back on this most difficult year, our hearts are warmed by the sheer number of people who believe in second chances and miracles. So if you can, please make a lifesaving gift today.

We're honored to announce a $25,000 matching grant we hope to meet before midnight on December 31st, thanks to the generosity of the Samuel and Justina Halley Foundation, Robert Mueller & Martha Grove, and one other who wishes to remain anonymous. Make your tax-deductible gift here:   

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