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Apuesto needs your help!

May 24, 2021 | 11:20am


This poor baby came in with a broken leg that has become badly infected. His leg and paw are SO swollen! His poor little leg! He feels awful. We named this handsome boy Apuesto and will do all we can to heal him, thanks to you who help us save the city’s most vulnerable.


Good Morning, from our sweet angel boy Apuesto. He has a splint on his leg and is on antibiotics. Unfortunately we can’t do advanced treatment on his leg because it is so badly infected. But once the infection is under control we’ll be able to do more for him. In the meantime, he’s just wrapping us all around his paw, we love this perfect little patient.



Last week we introduced you to Apuesto, the most handsome boy and the best patient ever. Appropriately named, as Apuesto means handsome!

He is about two years old and has his whole life ahead of him. But he needs your help.

This sweet boy was brought in with a broken leg and a horrible infection. His leg is mangled, but because of the infection we could only splint it. Now that his infection is more under control and the intense swelling is going down, we can look into options. We could keep splinting it for months, but it could become damaged and would then need amputation. However, there is a possibility we can save his leg with a specialty surgery! A plate would need to be put in and they can sometimes stay in, but his will need to be removed after the bone is stabilized. It is expensive (about $7,500 with both procedures). We could say "no" but specialists believe they can repair it. At Stray Rescue we give every animal every opportunity to heal because they deserve nothing less. That's what we believe is the right thing to do. This young pup deserves the chance to keep his limb. And we never underestimate the will of these very special animals because we see miracles happen every day! He craves love and we can't wait to see him run again - on all fours. We’re only able to help animals like Apuesto because you care. You are their hero, and you could be his! If we all chip in a couple of bucks, we could raise the needed funds overnight.

Are you in?


Your prayers have worked once again... guess who that cutie is poking up from behind the seat...Apuesto!! ?? What a very strong boy! He’s coming home to us after a specialty leg surgery and battling anemia during a tough recovery. You’ve got this bud! We missed you and we’re ready for you! Thank you to his surgeons and everyone who chipped in for his surgery! Man, we love this dog.

apuesto in car


Dr. Morgan is changing Apuesto's splint. We change it every week and take new X-rays to make sure it is healing correctly. We also take bloodwork to make sure he has enough red blood cells. This guy is such a warrior. He's patient, he's loving, and he is going to make the best pet for someone soon!! Thank you all for giving him this chance!



Apuesto's healing journey has taken awhile but it will be so worth it! We can't WAIT to see him run on all 4 legs again!! He is the sweetest boy in the world.


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