Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Saving Maya Angelou

February 2, 2018 | 9:35am

We got a call this morning - a man found this dog laying outside of his house last night and he brought her in out of the cold. But this morning, he thought she had died and called us. When we arrived, she was still breathing. We rushed her to our clinic where we named her after the strongest person we could think of: Maya Angelou. She needs us all - we will keep updating you!


Update on Maya Angelou: Your prayers are all working – Maya Angelou was quickly put on oxygen and an IV, and warmed up with some blankets by our incredible vet staff. She had a microchip and we discovered she was originally adopted in 2001! This old girl is 17 years old! The microchip leads us to a disconnected phone number. We’ll do everything we can to stabilize her and keep her comfortable. Her vitals are surprisingly good! If you would like to help Maya with an emergency life-saving gift, please visit More updates to come. #LeaveNoDogBehind

Another update on Maya Angelou:
She's doing good! She is drinking out of a syringe and very eagerly eating some food! <3 <3
So glad she is comfortable and has some food in her belly. We're rooting for you sweet girl.
To help, please visit:
#LeaveNoDogBehind #EveryLifeisWorthSaving


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