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Aila means "from the strong place"

August 27, 2021 | 3:21pm

Aila means "from the strong place"

aila small

Today has been a madhouse. Now, in addition to asking for fosters, we're also asking for your prayers.

This poor angel. We're told she's been giving birth all day, and sadly, none of the puppies have been alive. She's having extreme complications that we won't go into on this post, it's too upsetting. She needs emergency help. She's been in the heat, covered in flies all day, trying to give birth in this plastic bin. We have her safe in the jeep now and are heading to our clinic where she will be in the A/C and get the help she needs. We named her Aila, which means "from a strong place" in Gaelic. Please pray for our Aila.

It is ironic that we rescue this poor dog on the day of our spay/neuter event. This is exactly why we (and every other rescue in the world) beg people to spay and neuter their pets. If you cannot afford it, there are resources out there that can help you so you never have to experience this heartache. This poor dog has gone through Hell with an unwanted pregnancy and now a painful birth that could have killed her. PLEASE spay and neuter your pets, and please support your local rescues. We have to help these animals who cannot help themselves.

Updates on Aila to come.


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