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Stray Rescue's "A Walk to Remember"

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No matter your area code, your time zone, or the country you live in, you can join our event and help us save lives!!

We are looking for 100 people 

To commit to each raising just $100

And walk 1 mile on September 22, 2022!


Join us for Stray Rescue’s “A Walk to Remember” this September.

You may walk for one of our warrior dog or cats that lost their battle this year. As you honor their memory, rest assured they will feel your love. You can walk for your own beloved pet that you may have lost this year, or even an animal-loving friend or family member. In their name, we will come together and raise $10,000 for animals in need! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate their beautiful lives than to give back to our cause and save more in their name.

Take a picture of your dog, you with your dog, or your family with your dog and post it as you begin or complete your walk, and we commit to sharing every single picture* on September 22nd!! We will mail you a sign that says “I am walking for ________” to include in your photo. 

*Your pictures will only be shared if you completed the $100 fundraising challenge!

If you’d like to walk for one or more of our angels, please choose from the list below. You may recognize some of their names after having followed their stories: 

  • Harris
  • Harriet
  • Sam
  • Kanga
  • Southern Star
  • Roger
  • Songaa
  • Grandpa Otto
  • Ann Margaret
  • and so many others. 

Get registered, start fundraising, and we’ll all walk 1 mile, all over the world on September 22nd!! 

#RememberMeThursday is a day dedicated to remembering the dogs and cats that died in shelters, and never got to know a loving home. It also shines a light on the amazing and beautiful animals currently in shelters waiting to be adopted. We are thrilled to participate every year with a candlelight vigil, and this year we can’t wait to do more with this incredibly impactful message.

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When you sign up, you can include: 

  • Title for your walk
  • Description
  • Photo


Here is an example story (feel welcome to copy/paste and tailor it to fit YOU!): 

Stray Rescue of St. Louis gives every animal that crosses their threshold a chance to live the life of dignity, respect, and love they all deserve. They come in battered, betrayed, broken-hearted, and injured. Sadly, many get there too late and all we can give them is love during their last days on earth. But we vow that they will all know love before they cross that rainbow bridge. This walk acknowledges the lives of those lost, celebrates the lives of those who continue their journey, and shines a light on the MANY beautiful dogs and cats waiting for a home in shelters.

Today I am walking for my dog-loving friend ____, and for those I fell in love with: Harris, Sam, Harriet, Dizzy Lizzy, Southern Star, Coco the Kitten, and so many others. Help me reach my fundraising goal of $100 and start your own walk! Together, we can help Stray Rescue reach their $10,000 goal, by having 100 people each raise just $100 each. Let's do this!

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