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Back in the Saddle has a whole new meaning

June 26, 2018 | 4:30pm


Back in the Saddle has a whole new meaning

Back in the saddle has a new meaning of importance for me. Since surviving multiple aneurysms in February and six operations later, the road to recovery is a long frustrating one, especially when your worse fear of not being able to rescue or help your friends at both Stray Rescue and the Ranch save lives. Sporting a PICC line (IV) until two weeks ago, it finally happened. I heard the words I was praying for. ”Do what you love, but go easy,” and off I went to the mean streets. My old home of sorts, a place I have known for 30 years.

“Soul sister” is an understatement when I think of Donna. Words like fearless, kind, loving and petite are best to describe my two decade old rescue partner, even though she insists we are just 29 years old. We had a big rescue to do together along with our city’s Animal Control Officers. I was both excited and nervous.

The area was the Ville neighborhood on the North Side. It is at times a tough place for both impoverished humans and man’s best friend. Burnt and broken down shells of homes that stood for over 100 years now serve as refuge for the forgotten souls of our society, the street dog.

Black six-month-old puppies sprinkled the forgotten landscape. Donna and I knew exactly what we were observing – feral (wild) pups. Animal Control was able to pick up their mom previously, but they had no luck rescuing the older pups. Donna had to do the heavy lifting, and we started to set up humane traps armed with our go-to arsenal of Vienna Sausages and canned dog food.

IMG 1209

The Dog Gods were shinning a ray of light on us as we consistently heard the magical sound of trap doors closing minutes apart from each other, and our precious cargo was one step closer to safety. Scared in their traps, the dogs remained pretty silent with that heartbreaking look of fear on their sweet faces. Animal Control helped with loading the dogs before joining the search for yet another litter.

As we were searching for a younger litter of puppies we saw that morning, a local resident approached and said he knew where another mom and puppies were. He said some people had thrown rocks at her, viewing her as a nuisance. Matt, an Animal Control Officer, hopped in a truck with him to go search for the family. We decided to try to get her puppies first.

As a team with Donna at the helm, she crawled, wiggled and dodged fallen debris letting the voice of the babies lead her. Together, with Animal Control, we rescued six tiny three-week-old babies. Now it was mom’s turn.

Mom has stubby legs, but they can move! After awhile, I took a few of her pups and just sat down with them on the porch. She came up the steps, I leashed her, and now one entire family of dogs will never suffer again.

My first day back was heartfelt and so meaningful. I am glad God decided to let me continue doing what I love, saving lives.

Now if you can, please help by continuing to give and save lives by donating. The twelve new dogs, myself, Donna, Matt, Christian, and Dani thank you. We cannot do it without your loving support.


acc and SR

With a tear of gratefulness, woof!

Randy & the Stray Rescue Family

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