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Stray Rescue Announces its Newest Life-Saving Program: The Bayou Project

July 5, 2017 | 10:31am

Stray Rescue Announces its Newest Life-Saving Program - The Bayou Project

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The Bayou Project

St. Landry Parish is in the heart of Bayou country in rural Louisiana. After the community suffered devastating hurricanes and flooding, countless animals were left stranded and homeless. So when Stacey Alleman from the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue contacted us for help, we couldn't turn our backs. When we arrived, we saw firsthand (see video) how dedicated Stacey is to saving the lives of the animals in such an impoverished area and with so little resources like we have here in St. Louis. St. Louis is blessed with amazing rescue groups and shelters. Although we already pull animals from St. Louis City Animal Care & Control and many others, we chose St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue as our sister shelter because otherwise the animals' fate is death. Not having any resources to offer adoptions at her facility, no foster homes nor financial support, Stacey is forced to rely on other rescue groups to pull the animals in order to give them a chance at adoption and a life filled with love.  It is illegal for her to even try to adopt out any dog that resembles a Pit Bull.  Otherwise she is forced to make the heart wrenching decision to euthanize because she doesn't have the space or resources to care for them all. We're proud of our partnership with Stacey and the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. We only wish we could do more. Every life is precious and worthy of love, whether in St. Louis, MO or St. Landry Parish, LA.

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A call to action to make this new family relationship work is much needed. To date, we have saved 160 dogs from certain death which is just a fraction of St. Landry's intake. The Bayou Project is geared towards taking the dogs we can save, while still continuing to serve the needs of the St. Louis community that we love and have proudly served for 20 years. The Bayou Project is an extension of our dedication to animals in need but will not replace our core mission of saving the strays of St. Louis.  Let's save the lives of our newest members of the Stray Rescue family and give these dogs the chance they would never have without us. Here's how you can help:

  • Foster - The Bayou Project's dogs make a painstaking journey to our city. Let's welcome them to the St. Louis way and open your home to one of our southern friends. Click here to become a foster home!
  • Adopt - Need a bit of southern charm and hospitality? Your Bayou pup will bring just that. All Bayou Project dogs are easily identifiable with the Bayou Project Logo on our adoption pages. View adoptable animals here!
  • Donate - The lifesaving transport trips we make are expensive work. 90% of all the dogs come with medical baggage - especially Heartworm disease. Your donation will help offset these costs to ensure we have healthy adoptable dogs. Donate today!

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Update: We're rescuing 26 more puppies Monday, August 14th

This just in! St. Landry Parish has rescued 26 puppies from appalling conditions. St. Landry Parish is full, and the puppies were all going to have to be euthanized unless we stepped up. So once again, we need your help to make this happen! We are heading south today, Monday, August 14th to pick up all 26 puppies, give them the medical care they need including spay and neuter, place them in loving foster homes while they grow big and healthy, and then help them find their perfect forever families!

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You can help by donating puppy items such as beds, food bowls, x-pens, toys, treats, collars, and leashes. Or, your monetary donation will go toward their medical care, vaccines, spay, and neuter surgery.

Please help us help them! They deserve a fighting chance!

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UPDATE: Stray Rescue sends rescue team to St. Landry Parish Tuesday, 8/29 during Hurricane Harvey

"I Feel Like I'm Drowning"

Imagine your dog is stranded at the pound, surrounded by water. He's all alone, hungry and terrified. He can't sit or lay down or else he'll be submerged in the flood water, so he is forced to stand on top of the dirty dog house in his enclosure until the water gets too high. Then what? There's nowhere to go to escape the cold, encroaching flood waters.

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When Stacey, the Director of St. Landry Parish Animal Care and REscue in Louisiana, called us in desperation saying, "I feel like I'm drowning," we jumped into action. Early this morning, we sent a rescue team down to transport about 20 dogs back to the safety of Stray Rescue. We can't wait for them to get back so we can give them a dry bed, good food, and lots of love and medical care.

We know that without our help, these dogs have no chance. Even without a natural disaster, this LA shelter doesn't have the resources to adopt these deserving animals to loving homes. During a hurricane, the shelter is flooded with animals separated from their families - whether surrendered or abandoned. We know we're their last hope at a life filled with love, comfort, and family.

We can't do this without you! Please help us save their lives today.

Another way to help - Get your "Bayou Project" t-shirt! Proceeds will go toward the medical care of the dogs we are bringing back! Lots of styles & sizes available.



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