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Imagine A Day The Suffering Stops: Bellisima's Story

March 5, 2019 | 3:05pm


Bellisima 2

We all need to be aware of abused dogs being sold on the internet. There is a lack of empathy when it comes to animals. Imagine a day their suffering stops.

The unbelievable video below was posted and marked FOR SALE. This little girl's entire paw had somehow been ripped off and she had to deal with the pain for over a month.

Apparently she was hit by a car and never taken to a vet. Horrifically, she chewed off part of her own paw as it became necrotic. When no one would help her, she was forced to help herself by enduring agonizing pain. A good Samaratin saw her video and was horrified. She bought her and immediately brought her to Stray Rescue.

She went directly to our trauma center to be sedated and cleaned, and evaluated. We named her Bellisima, which means “beauty,” in Italian. Her pale gums and fever shows us her pain. She is on pain management and will need to have her leg amputated soon.

When Bellisima woke up from being sedated, she wagged her tail knowing she was safe.

We need to be their champions, their voice, and report a dog suffering like Bellisima has been. Please give for this sweet girl's emergency medical care. We will continue to update you on her progress and surgery. She is free of her nightmare.

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