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His Horrors are Behind Him, Meet Clooney

December 11, 2019 | 10:10am


His Horrors are Behind Him, Meet Clooney

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Animal Control Officers saw a dog running down the street and he was in bad shape. They brought him to Stray Rescue's trauma center for immediate action and medical attention. Dr. Schulz and our incredible team of Vet Techs were ready for him when he arrived and saw his raw face. He appeared to have been in a bad dog fight and needed help quick. His face looked like shredded meat and his lips and part of his cheek hung. We cleaned his wounds and sewed him up.

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To our surprise, he awoke wagging his tail and is the sweetest boy. He is so grateful for help and is the perfect patient. He is such a brave boy and is going to make one lucky family very happy. He is so deserving of a life full of love and without pain. Thank you for giving him this gift. The horrors street dogs face are far more violent than most people realize. Infection would have killed him and it would be very painful. But now he is safe and warm with a full belly.

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To help Clooney and the many others we see on a daily basis, please give here:

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