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Coffee Puppies

January 27, 2021 | 2:58pm


12/28/20- A truck driver called this morning to say he just saw three little puppies get dumped on the side of the road, and they look so scared, lost, and hairless. We searched the area and finally found these three sad little babies behind a dumpster, shaking from the cold and bleeding from open mangy wounds. These poor babies broke our hearts. 

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These babies are just so miserable. They're scared and they're hurting after being dumped this morning, but we will do everything possible to make sure they live a long, beautiful life. These are the "coffee" puppies and they matter. They are not trash, OK to be discarded on the side of the road. They piled up and fell asleep instantly, thankful to be warm and safe.

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12/29/20- Our "coffee" pups are getting the full treatment, complete with a warm towel dry. Their skin is covered in abscesses. The dry, cracking skin that comes from mange leaves a puppy so susceptible to infections. The scabbing seals the infection inside all the tiny cuts and causes abscesses. They have demodex mange, ringworm, and need eye ointment. Soon, they are going to start feeling so much better and we can't wait for that day. 

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01/11/20- Our 'Coffee' puppies are doing great in their foster home!! Look how much progress they have made already. All they needed was a little love and a little nourishment. Incredible.

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01/19/20- Espresso, Chai Latte, and Coffee Bean (aka the Coffee Puppies) continue to make excellent progress in their foster home! These affectionate, sweet, and perfectly wild puppies are going to have a beautiful life full of love and happiness! Their foster family has had to give them some very stinky medicated baths over the last few weeks, but so worth it. Can you believe they were dumped on the side of a highway - weak, hungry, neglected, cold, and left to die? Neither can we. They're perfect!

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01/27/20- The "Coffee" puppies are so smart! They're learning how to sit and they know the comfiest, warmest place in their foster home - right by the fireplace! Love these three little warrior babies.


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