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Support our Lifesaving Mission

Please donate now to save the lives of the abused, neglected and abandoned companion animals that we rescue from the streets of St. Louis every day. Your donation to Stray Rescue of St. Louis will make an immediate difference in the life of a dog or cat today.

Become a Sustaining Rescuer with a recurring monthly donation. This is a meaningful and continuous way to support the nearly 3,000 companion animals we rescue every year. As a Sustaining Rescuer your steady monthly commitment will save lives by providing food, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, emergency medical treatment and surgery, and enrichment and training for shelter dogs and cats. You will directly help us achieve our mission and give a second chance to our animals in need.

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Why Donate to Stray Rescue?

Why Donate to Stray Rescue?

Stray Rescue is special in so many ways. We receive no state or fedral funding to do our important work – so we need your help. Stray Rescue is a unique stray dog management program. Effective use of your donations help us to achieve our mission.

  • Stray Rescue believes that any animal, which can endure the horrors of living on the mean city streets, deserves to medically rehabilitated and placed into a loving home, regardless of cost.
  • We operate two no-kill shelters and save approximately 800-1,000 dogs annually.
  • 100% of our adoptable animals will go to their forever home regardless of how long it takes to find it.
  • Stray Rescue incorporates behavioral training to help each dog overcome its unique trauma, so that every dog may find a good home.
  • Over 200 volunteers donate time to Stray Rescue so that funds received can be used directly for the dogs. Volunteers walk the dogs 4 times daily, feed, medicate and play with the dogs, foster them in their homes, take them to adoption events or home for the weekend, clean the shelters, donate supplies, pay for veterinarian bills for their foster dogs, manage the website, takes dogs to the vet, manage adoption and local fundraising events and more!
  • Randy and his team of rescue assistants frequently go into abandoned or burned out buildings, junkyards, very dangerous neighborhoods and the woods to save a dog or a litter of puppies.
  • We try to rescue as many pregnant females and puppies as possible to help end the overpopulation crisis.
  • Stray Rescue has cleared out entire dog packs in many St. Louis and East St. Louis neighborhoods.
  • The street dogs are fed daily to help them survive until they are rescued.
  • Whenever possible, shelter from the winter cold is created using bales of hay.
  • Volunteers spend hours working with the feral dogs to help socialize them so they can find their forever home.
  • Randy Grim has worked tirelessly with the Mayor of St. Louis to change City ordinances to reflect the verbiage animal guardian instead of animal owner. Consequently, Mayor Slay declared St. Louis a Guardian City and December 3 has been declared Guardian Day in St. Louis.
  • Stray Rescue works collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations as well.
  • Randy Grim and Quentin, the Miracle Dog who survived the St. Louis City gas chamber, travel around the country speaking at animal events promoting the concept of animal guardianship, the need for no kill shelters, adopting from shelters, etc.
  • Randy and Stray Rescue have received numerous awards and national recognition for the unique, tireless lifesaving work that every person at the shelter dedicates themselves to, every single day.

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