Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Duke of Hamilton

May 20, 2021 | 4:03pm


Duke of Hamilton


Today is National Rescue Dog Day and...we've been rescuing dogs all day. Meet Duke of Hamilton who joined our family. This poor love. He has been shot in the FACE. He has multiple fragments in both sides of his jaw. Because of the multiple breaks, he'll have to have a specialty surgery to stabilize his jaw. Who could shoot an angel of a dog like Duke, we just don't know. He just wants us to hold him, to hug him. If you'd like to donate a couple of bucks to Duke's surgery, please give here:


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5/21 Update: Thank you for donating for Duke of Hamilton! Your generosity and life-saving gift is getting him the specialty surgery he needs to stabilize his broken jaw after being shot in the face. ? You got this, buddy. Be brave, be strong, we promise to give you the most amazing life!


5/24 Update: Good Morning everyone! Thanks to you, Duke of Hamilton had a successful jaw surgery! He had a hemimandibulectomy (half jaw removal) with fracture repair. The left side of his bottom jaw was removed and currently has a wire. There were bone fragments removed from his right jaw because it was shattered in so many pieces. He'll need to have the wire removed in about 6 weeks. His surgeons also mentioned having to remove a great deal of shrapnel from the bullets. ?

This sweetest angel boy is so thankful and deserving. He just wants to lay in our laps all day and pushes his head against us as if to give us a hug. He makes us turn to mush. He is so amazing, we just can't thank you all enough for rallying around him and helping us save his life! He's currently eating small, soft meatballs for a few weeks which he is eating like a champ. Thank you, Thank you. ?

duke post surgery

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