Stray Rescue of St. Louis


February 17, 2021 | 1:46pm

February 12TH:

Between our cold rescues, we were contacted by St. Clair County Animal Control. They picked up this veryyyy skinny little girl after her owner died. Either family members didn't know he had a dog, or didn't do anything. She was found in his home, in her crate, starving to death. She's just 23 pounds, which is exactly what Hadley weighed when she came in. They said she was so frail, she couldn't even stand at first. We picked her up today and she will get the Stray Rescue treatment. Thanks to you, our loving and supportive community, we will together heal her and care for her, for her dad.

Her name is Everleigh.


Ever 1

Ever 2

Ever 3

Sweet dreams, Everleigh. Everything is going to be OK. We promise.

Ever 4


Many of you have been asking how Everleigh is doing! She is doing GREAT! She's been so receptive to our love and is making good progress. She is eating small, slow meals for now, as it is going to be a journey to get her to the healthy weight she needs to be at. But in the meantime, this adorable little patient of ours has stolen our hearts!



March 3rd: 

Not a worry in the world.

That's how Everleigh felt today in the sun. She would spend all day laying in the sun cuddled up with someone if she could. She's making the best of her healing journey and is the sweetest little girl. We really love this sweetheart.


baby girl

Although it can be a tough topic to discuss, consider making a will. When you do, there is a place to include who you would like to care for your animals should they outlive you. You can also set aside funds for that person, so they do not take on a financial burden. More info here:

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