Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Carhartt's family survived the cold, but fighting frostbite

March 6, 2019 | 12:58pm


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This brutal winter has taken so many lives. As we made our way through a winding, abandoned house in just 5 degrees, we came across the dog who had already lost his battle. As sad as it is, it is not an uncommon sight for us to see.

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After paying our respects, we made our way upstairs to a bedroom with an added sense of urgency. We had been tracking a nursing female and hoped she had finally led us to her puppies. We heard barking. None of the windows had glass in them, and although we were inside, the wind howled and our fingers hurt from the biting cold. We slowly approached the female, who was hiding in a closet. Lo and behold, there she was protecting 5 tiny puppies, just a week or so old.

Carhart Webstory Photo3 Carhartt face in closet

She was such a good Mom, protecting her puppies. She wouldn't let us near them, as many fearful moms do. After several failed attempts to get her to walk on a leash, we finally decided to lure Mom into a trap so we could carry her through the house. The leash was causing her heightened stress, and we knew every minute counted and had to act as quickly as we could.

Once mom was safe and secure, we quickly loaded her puppies into a basket filled with blankets. Tears fell from our eyes watching them on their freedom ride, knowing this was the first time they had been warm in their lives.

Back at the shelter, this little family got their Vet check-ups. Sadly, two of the puppies are suffering from frostbite and have an infection from the open wounds. They are so little, we hope they will make it through this. They are receiving the medical care they need and are so warm and cozy. They've been through so much already.

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