Stray Rescue of St. Louis

GiveSTL Day for Stray Rescue! 2024

May 6, 2020 | 12:01pm

The Most Important Give STL Day EVER is Coming Up May 9th, 2024! 



It is remarkable how the St. Louis Community stands up in unity every year on GiveSTL Day to support local non-profit organizations.  That love, devotion and support is the fuel that keeps our engine running, always peering into dangerous and abandoned landscapes ever careful to spot a suffering animal in need.
Our animal friends lost on the streets still experience daily suffering; that is their normalcy.
But those animals have hope, they have you.
Year after year you make the decision to not let those animals die on the street without dignity. You share our sleepless nights wondering about all those souls lost in the chill of the night. Your decision to help, to support, and to donate keeps our mission alive. With your help, our arms will reach even further into the shadows to pull these amazing creatures back into the light and give them a chance at a real life.  A life filled with love, treats, and belly rubs, like all living souls deserve.
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So, we ask you to please consider contributing to our cause on GiveSTL Day - May 9th. This is our biggest and most important fundraising day of the year, and the animals who rely on us are depending on it. This year, we have set a goal of $250,000 and will do our best to reach it during the 24-hour giving event.

And your hard earned dollars you give will be DOUBLED. Your donations to be MATCHED dollar for dollar, thanks to the generosity of:

  • Lisa & JR Stover
    Lauren Risley Realty
    Brian Bachelier of Hawthorne Capital
    Window Depot USA of STL
    Melissa Carlton, State Farm Agent
    Green Angel Cleaning Services
    Amiel, Trevor and Shrimpy Romain
    Coleman and Grace Brandt Fund
    Larry & Bettina Steenson in honor of Zac & Mia
    Steve & Claire Disch in memory of Stella
  • and others who, (even though we want to shout their names from the rooftops!), have asked to remain anonymous. 


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In addition, this day is powered by the St. Louis Community Foundation who generously sets our city's nonprofits up for success by adding "Power Hours" throughout the day. What that means is, they are giving your donation a lift! The St. Louis Community Foundation is adding a donation boost during certain hours that are split up by donors of all nonprofits. So your dollars will not only be doubled with our match, but there could be even more tacked on when you give during certain times (POWER HOURS!) See below for the schedule and best times to give on May 9th! 

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So let us all come together and rally for the animals on this beautiful day of giving so we can contine saying YES to these precious dogs and cats that have nowhere else to go for help. Your matched gift will go to our Stracks Fund for medical emergencies and will ensure we can bring in EVERY animal who needs our lifesaving help. When we all give a little in one day, it can add up to A LOT!

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