Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Giving Tuesday 2022


Giving Tuesday 2022


You WANT to help. You want to do good in the world. To do something valuable and be part of something worthwhile. 

On Giving Tuesday (11/29), we are giving you exactly that opportunity. To do something big. To right the wrongs we see every single day. To make a positive difference in many deserving lives. 

We have been working for months, securing a matching grant so your donations are MATCHED. 


What does that mean? 

It means that generous individuals and businesses have come together and agreed to give $1 every time you give $1. 

So when your gift of $50 leaves your bank account, $100 comes into ours. 

This is a BIG DAY. If we all come together and give a little, we could make a big difference in the lives of the souls we save every single day. We look in their hopeful eyes, we kiss their fur, and we show them so much love the moment we lay eyes on them. We know it's what they've craved their entire lives. 

We count on this day every year to help give us the boost we desperately need. We're rescuing more animals than ever before and our medical costs rise steadily with the increased intakes. But how can we turn them away? How can we tell them we cannot help them after we've seen their little faces? 

The answer is that we can't. So please consider giving to your favorite nonprofits today, and as always, we are honored to be considered one of yours. 

Thank you for trusting our organization, for praying for and loving the underdogs we rescue, and for helping us help them. We love you and value you. We need you. 


Thank you for making today possible:

  • Raymond & Laurie Van de Riet, Jr.
  • Seabiscuit and his Dad!
  • Carolyn Olson & Charlie Buchholz
  • Mike Gaffney
  • Anonymous 
  • Birch & Catherine Mullins Charitable Fund
  • Enigma Tattoo & Piercing Studio
  • The Linde Group (and Sylvia Lincoln)
  • Windows Depot
  • Lauren Risley Realty
  • Melissa Carlton State Farm Agent
  • Eddie's Guitars

 Video voiceover by Hunter Sansone

Today, gifts are doubled, give here: 


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