Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday Saves Lives

What would the world look like if we put generosity first? 


This day was created because everyone has something they can give.  Every act of generosity, no matter how big or small, changes our world for the better. Giving is about more than dollar amounts; it is the act itself that connects and empowers us. There is room at our table for everyone to give...and receive; to lift one another up and rally around each other. 

Together, we have the power to shape our world into more than just a place in which we simply exist alongside each other.  We can create a world where we are connected through caring, thoughtfulness, and selflessness. 

Giving Tuesday is the day to do something good for a soul in need. You may not realize it, or you may think that what you’re able to give wouldn’t make a difference, but somewhere on this beautiful planet there is a living being who needs you and your life-changing generosity. So, change their life today. Then, challenge a friend or loved one to do the same.

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Today marks the beginning of the giving season, so let’s unleash generosity and make a difference. And, this isn’t just about Stray Rescue. Give to the nonprofits that are closest to your heart. Together we can help animals, children, Veterans, women, and small businesses, just to name a few. And we can create opportunities to make so many lives better. When everyone comes together on a single day, magical things happen! 

Stray Rescue of St. Louis has come to depend on this day as our single biggest fundraising day of the entire year. On this day, we will raise funds for victims of betrayal, neglect, and abandonment. They've been abused, tortured, used, thrown aside and discarded. They’ve had their dignity, happiness, and confidence stolen from them. They’ve been beaten, left to sit in filth, starved, and chained outside all alone. Many have given up hope. But together, we won't give up on them. With temperatures dropping and piercing winds, snow and ice on the horizon, every street dog becomes an emergency and it is our duty, and our honor, to save every animal that needs us. But our rescue efforts would cease to exist without your help.

Daily we come across a dog or cat in need, looking up at us as if they're saying, " Are you here for me?" Almost always, help offered by the hand of a human is met with their utter disbelief at first. They make themselves as small as they can and try to be invisible, predicting that they’ll once again fall victim to the same horrors that have consumed their lives up to this point. They huddle in the cold, hiding in trash and squalor, believing there is no hope for them. But we look beyond that and see the light beaming from their beautiful souls. We say, "Yes, we are here for you. Of course we are. You matter. And we can't wait to show you how much." 

On Tuesday, November 28th, we are more than thrilled to announce a $81,500 MATCHING GRANT, made possible by generous donors and businesses.

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YOUR DONATION will be MATCHED and will go twice as far. So when you give $20, it becomes $40. When you give $100, it becomes $200. Please help us thank those who made it possible:

Sandy Hermann

In Loving Memory of Becky Kraner

Carolyn Olson & Charlie Buchholz

Randy Morgan of Guild Mortgage

Guild NEW Mortgage Updated Logo 2023 50

Tito’s Handmade Vodka


Exchange Club of Belleville

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Daniel Fisher in Memory of Cassie, Bagel, and Benji

In Memory of Maui & Zinnia

Ken Hassler

Hillside Living Center      

Patricia Rudd     

Window Depot USA of St. Louis  


Green Angel Cleaning Services            

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Melissa Carlton, State Farm Agent

Melissa Carlton Logo NEW 2023

and several generous and loving donors who wish to remain anonymous!         


Give now! We rely on these funds to help us through the winter months ahead!


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