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If only dogs could tell us their story...Meet Grant

September 15, 2017 | 4:22pm

If only dogs could tell us their story

Meet Grant

Grant neuro pup 12

Sometimes we wish the dogs could talk to us and tell us what happened to them and tell us how they’re feeling. We wish we knew the details of Grant’s rescue,  but what we have pieced together is that he was rescued by Jefferson County Animal Control (JCAC) at Sugar Creek golf course in High Ridge. He had survived some type of unknown trauma that left him suffering from undiagnosed static neurological issues. He also lacks mobile coordination and bobs his head back and forth. We decided to pull him from JCAC so we could give him the very best medical care, love and compassion to give him the best quality of life. Despite his neurological issues, we know that he feels our love and he deserves nothing less.

Had we known the extent of his condition, we would have known there wasn’t much we could do for Grant. But at Stray Rescue, we’re fully committed to every life that enters our doors regardless of circumstances, and we will do everything possible to ensure Grant’s health and happiness. Time and love was all it took for Grant to feel safe and gain confidence. It took some trial and error, but we have finally found a food he likes, and he feels secure in his Thunder Shirt one of our caregivers got for him. It’s like a continuous hug. He settles down and seems content when he sits on our laps while we work. Grant is a smart boy and has learned the route to the yards where he goes potty, and he has a big comfy bed in our Support Services Manager’s office. He craves consistency in order to feel secure, so we keep a standard routine for him every day.

Grant is a special needs boy who needs us. He is a beautiful life and deserves the very best of all we can give him. He needs an MRI at VSS so we can diagnose his condition and give him the best treatment plan for his special needs. Will you help us help this sweet boy?

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