Stray Rescue of St. Louis


March 12, 2021 | 11:00am

November 26:

A woman was on her daily walk in a park near her house when she found this poor baby! She carried her home and had no idea what to do. She called us and we went to get her immediately. This poor angel needs your prayers, we named her Hadley! She's too weak to stand and has nearly starved to death. Hopefully, we got her in time to turn this around.



November 27:

This girl has broken our hearts. Just lifting her head up is completely exhausting for her. We'll feed her very slowly, and very small amounts for the next few weeks, as eating too much or too fast is extremely dangerous. Sweet Hadley, we are so sorry for the hell you've lived through. Your worried eyes tell us everything.



December 1st: 

We know you’re aching for an update on Hadley! She still sleeps most of the day, but her nurse and foster momma, Emily, has certainly made her comfy! Just look at all those warm, soft blankets. This looks like a wonderful place to heal. You've got this, baby girl!




Hadley is feeling so much better today! She's finally lifting her head and is very curious about her surroundings. This is a great sign that she is getting a little stronger every day! She also wants to thank the kind people who made and sent her prayer blanket. Your prayers mean the world to her!




This is where Hadley is healing. A holiday movie on in the background, a big bed by the fireplace, and her foster sister sleeping next to her. She's still very slowly making progress, but moving in the right direction - It's just going to take some time. But she thanks you all for your love and prayers! She's such a strong girl!



January 1st: 

Hadley wishes you all a very Happy New Year! She continues to gain a little bit of strength every single day!



JANUARY 16th: 

Here is your Hadley fix! An update from her foster home:

"She’s doing SO great! She can do everything a healthy dog can do! I even take her on walks now. Hadley is very smart, she also knows sit and stay. Her favorite thing to do (besides eat!) is to lay under the covers and snuggle. I’ve had her since before Thanksgiving and she is almost ready to start looking for her forever home!"




Hadley Update! She is doing GREAT! Her foster mom, Emily, is one of our amazing Vet Techs. She took her home, nursed her back to health from the day she was a skeleton. Hadley couldn't even raise her head without becoming exhausted. Emily is her hero and favorite person!! But this baby bird is strong, healthy, and ready to fly. She's ready to find her forever home. As her personality began to shine through, we've learned that she is sweet, cuddly, silly, sooo lovable, and unbelievably happy. She's also let us know that since she's waited her whole life for this, she wants to be the only pet you have. She can also be protective of her person, so a nice low-key adult only home is perfect for this sweet girl. She still has weight to gain, but her forever human will be a part of her healing journey.



February 26th: 

Our beloved WARRIOR girl, Hadley, is ADOPTED!

She found her perfect family and settled into their home so fast. They are the kindest people and we know she is going to be loved the way she's always wanted. A big thank you to her foster mom Emily for getting her healthy. Look, not a single rib showing! She almost lost her life and never got a chance to live as a member of a loving family (last pics are from when she first came in). We are so happy she got this chance to know love. Thank you supporters, for helping us save the underdog!



March 12th: 

We're so proud of our Hadley! 





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