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Harris: The Journey

March 26, 2019 | 1:41pm


Harris: The Journey

My story starts here. Thank you for being a part of it:

March 16th

This sweet angel was just brought in by a Good Samaritan. They found him wrapped in a blanket on the side of 270. We are doing everything we can to stabilize and save this angel. He will be getting 24 hour care at our clinic. We NEVER need to STOP the FIGHT to STOP animal abuse. Prayers are needed animal warriors!


March 16th PM

Update on Harris:
He is still unresponsive. He is getting fluids, antibiotics and pain meds. We have treated all of his wounds and are doing continued wound care. He had some areas that needed to be sutured and we have taken care of those. We have made him as comfortable as possible. Now it is a waiting game, he has obviously been through hell. At least he was found and brought to SR. He will at least be surrounded by love and treated with the respect he has always deserved. Our Vet Team is amazing! Keep the prayers coming.");">?");">?

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 March 17th

Harris seems to be a little more alert today. Our staff has been staying with him 24 hours a day. He has a long way to go until he is out of the woods, so please keep the prayers coming!

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March 17th

Middle of the night update on Harris:
Cassady is sleeping with him now and our staff has started the second shift of care for this sweet boy. Harris is not alone; he will he cared for and loved throughout the night. He can feel all of your love and prayers so please keep them coming!

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March 18th

Our sweet angel Harris just had a procedure to have a feeding tube put in. He got through it like the brave stoic boy he is. He is still not alert but we feel he knows he is being cared for and is LOVED. Keep the prayers coming they are helping.#miraclescanhappen

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March 20th

Our sweet boy is starting to respond by looking around and stretching his legs. However he isn't out of the woods yet, he still has a lot of healing to do. This poor baby is hanging in there, he is a fighter! Keep him in your thoughts, we know he can feel your love. 

March 21st

Harris has been moved to an office so he can have a quiet and relaxing space to recover. We feel we see imporvements everyday. We are still hopeful this boy will recover and get the life he deserves. Our amazing Vet Staff is giving Harris every chance at his second chance! 

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March 22nd

He's getting good rest in a nice, quiet office. We're keeping him as comfy as possible and giving him so much love. He's going through his bandages like crazy and we could use some more. If you'd like to order some for him, we'd really appreciate it! They are on the top of our wish list.

We'll keep you updated on his progress! Thank you all for the incredible support. #LeaveNoDogBehind

March 23rd:

A little Saturday morning Harris boost. This was Harris last night at his 11:00 feeding. Keep those prayers coming! 

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March 25th

Absolutely speechless. Our heats are so full this morning, so many supplies arrived today from our wish list! Anything that Harris can't use will go to the many other wonderful dogs and cats in need. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! 

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March 25th

Amazing Harris Update!

Harris is still using his feeding tube, but today our miracle boy ate and drank on his own! The thought of how good this water must taste for him puts tears in our eyes. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! His strength and will amazes us every single day!

March 26th:

What's for lunch today?

Harris loved eating his without his feeding tube. It wore him out, but he is napping on a full tummy.

March 27th:

Update: Harris has developed pneumonia, which we are treating aggressively. This poor baby can't catch a break. He'll need your prayers more than ever as he now has to fight this, too. Each day has its ups and downs, but we know our brave boy can do it. Your beautiful thoughts and prayers are helping him, and the love he is receiving is keeping him going - he knows he has a reason to live.

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March 29th

Good morning everyone, from Harris! Each day is a gift to show him what love is. Our brave, amazing boy is still fighting!

 March 31st:

Good Morning, I'm Harris. I was rescued 2 weeks ago yesterday. I had suffered for so long and was mearly just a shell. But these people saw my soul in my eyes and told me not to give up. I've had lots of ups and downs since then, and it hasn't been easy. But when these people tell me I am brave and that I makes me want to keep fighting. There is so much warmth around me and I know it is all the love and prayers I am receiving. I don't know what my future brings, but I just want to tahnk you for this chance you've all given me.



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April 2nd

Here is your Harris fix for today! He is doing about the same - still battling pneumonia, still trying to gain weight, but his open wounds are healing which has got to feel so much better. His recovery is going to take a long time, but we promise to continue updates! He is looking so bright-eyed!

Harris 2

April 4th:

You've cried with us, you've prayed with we have a couple of good updates to share about Harris! He has gained 3 pounds, he had his wounds stitched up, AND, he is pooping regularly (We know you wouldn't mind hearing that, you're our people! Things finally seem to be moving in the right direction. Of course he is not standing yet and is coughing a lot, but we have to celebrate the wins during this journey. Your prayers and support are working, don't give up! Thank you for loving him!

harris for web

April 8th: 

Happy Monday everyone. Here are updates for Harris and Marco!

Let's start with Harris! 
He had a good weekend and had another weight check on Sunday, he is now up to 30.9lbs! He continues to get stronger every day and we've begun doing some physical therapy to strengthen his leg muscles. Take a look at the picture, he is starting to support himself with a little help.

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April 9th

Harris sat up on his own today! He is looking so much stronger. His fight is only possible because of your support! Starting today is the Fund the Shelters Challenge - please make a donation to our page to help us win bonuses! If we raise $1,000 on this page, we are eligible to win an additional $3,000! Plus, $25 donations are being matched today, for a limited time! Please give and share, the donations made go directly to help dogs that are so desperately in need of their second chance, just like our Harris. Click here to help!

harris lowres

April 11th

It's here!! The moment we have been waiting for! Our miracle boy, Harris, WALKED all by himself today! And yes, there is a tiny little tail wag, too! We can't thank you all enough for being on this journey with us!

Plese make a donation right here, to help give us a boost in the National Shelter Challenge! For Harris and so many others!

April 13th:

Harris is finally strong enough to spend the afternoon in our beautiful yards with his angels! He LOVED the sunshine and all the smells. He still has plenty of weight to gain and his many wounds are still healing, but he is making an absolutely miraculous recovery. We love you, Harris. You deserve this new life, surrounded by nothing by love. Please make a donation to Harris and to Fund the Shelters Challenge - we are competing with some incredible shelters from across the country. #LeaveNoDogBehind

April 18th:

Harris is up 11 pounds, now weighing in at 41.2 lbs. He is truly our miracle in the making. He walked all the way down to our Second Chances Resale Shop (opening May16th!). We carried him back & now he's taking a nap. We can't get enough of him. It's hard to believe that just one month ago, he was just a skeleton. #LEAVENODOGBEHIND

Please make a donation and help us win the Fund the Shelters Challenge!

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3

 April 22nd: 

Your much awaited updates on Harris and Marco!

Harris got most of his stitches out and his drain taken out. His pneumonia is resolving (finally!). He goes for a walk every day which is incredible, and he is getting lots of good rest.

Thank you for loving and praying for these two as they continue their healing journeys! 

Pic 4

April 25th:

Are you sitting down?
Harris barked today!! And it's the cutest thing you will see all week. He's been communicating so much and his wonderful personality is starting to show!


May 1st: 

Why give on #GiveSTLDay? Becyase we believe in MIRACLES. This is the journey of Harris: fromthe unforgettable, horrifying say he came in, up until now. Your donations create miracles - here's living proof! (The ending is a surprise, just for you!) Please give today and help us reach our goal - donations are being MATCHED today only for #GiveSTLDay! 

May 5th:

ICYMI: Harris is running!
He is still sleeping a lot and is wobbly when he walks and runs, but we knew this would make your Sunday! He truly is a miracle!


June 3rd:

Harris❤️ Once he found his voice, he hasn't been able to stop talking. And the way he runs...?. This angel is absolutely LOVING life!


June 25th:

We know you've been wondering how Harris is doing! He's been settling in, slowly, and figuring out life in a home. He loves playing with the big dogs and foster puppy! More updates to come!


We will continue to update this page as Harris continues his fight. Thank you for your wonderful loving support and prayers, he can feel it! It gives him strength!

July 4th, 2022:

Yesterday we surrounded him with love and said a peaceful goodbye to our special warrior boy, Harris. Since his rescue three years ago, Harris’s story and healing journey has resonated around the world. He had been wrapped in a blanket and discarded like trash alongside I-270, emaciated and near death. We didn’t think he would even survive that first night. But he fought hard just like the warrior he was. Harris exemplified strength, resiliency and the forgiving heart that lies within every dog - regardless of the betrayal and horrors they have endured.
We will forever miss our Hare Bear, Hawwis, Hare-Hare, but we’re grateful for his life and to have had him in ours. He will stay in our hearts always. We understand how much he meant to all of you, you were right there with us, praying with us every day during his healing journey. He was your dog as much as he was ours. Due to the severe malnutrition and horrors he endured, he had degenerative brain disorder and his little body just couldn't go on. We will share his full journey again from the beginning, but for now, run free, Harris. We love you beyond measure. ???


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