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Their Hearts Beat Because of YOU

June 19, 2018 | 4:40pm

Their Hearts Beat Because of YOU

How do you measure the value of a life? To us, it all comes down to one thing. A heartbeat. There are those who stole our hearts, those whose hearts needed healing, those who broke our hearts, and ALL became a part of our hearts. Every single heartbeat is a gift never to be taken for granted. Each one is an irreplaceable, unique life. Thanks to YOU, we saved over 2,600 heartbeats over the past year!

Pregnant mom, Gospel, had been “living” scared in North City with several others in her pack , navigating the row of abandoned houses looking for some semblance of food and shelter. Finally, it was her turn to take her freedom ride and without a moment to spare. As if she finally felt safe, that night she gave birth to 11 little heartbeats who will never have to learn how to survive the horrors of street life.

Gospel and Pups WEB 1 Gospel Update WEb 1

This sweet little heartbeat is Sammy. He is born with Pulmonic Stenosis, leaving one of his major heart valves partially sealed shut. If left untreated, it would lead to heart failure and a very short life. He needed an operation to his life, and once again, YOU pulled through for hi so we were able to provide the surgery he needed to open his heart valve. He’s now back to the important business of playing and growing like all puppies deserve.

Sammy in recovery Lighter WEB Sammy paints WEB

Emaciated and very weak upon rescue, we quickly realized the heartbreaking reason why Northern Star was in this condition. She had been suffering from lockjaw and was slowly starving to death. After several months of dire and necessary medical care at Mizzou Vet School, they were finally able to stretch her jaw open again. A mere 39 pounds when she was rescued, beautiful Northern Star is now at a healthy weight. Because of YOU, she was able to receive this lifesaving treatment and specialized care. You ended her suffering, mended her heart and warmed ours.

Northern Star 28 Rescue WEB Northern Star Rescue 2 WEB

Northern Star update 4 WEB Northern Star update WEB


These heartbeats were almost silenced for good had it not been for your support. Because you saw their suffering and decided to act, you saved their lives. You provided the resources we needed to transport these precious hearts away from the horrors they suffered in Louisiana to the safe haven and loving care of Randy’s Rescue Ranch.

horse2 WEB horse1 WEB


As the stifling heat of the summer is already upon us, we worry about the heartbeats out there on the brutal streets. They are suffering, injured and in desperate need for someone to care. We won’t give up on them and stand firm in our promise to Leave No Dog Behind. We know that with your continued support, we will have the strength to continue to turn the tide for homeless animals in our community, just as we have for over two decades. Together, we can do this as a united Stray Rescue family!

When you give right now, your donation will go twice as far! Thanks to an anonymous donor, your donation will be matched up to $100,000. But, you have to give in order for us to receive this generous match. We will only receive the $100,000 match if we raise that amount by August 17, 2018. Please help us meet our goal and save even more heartbeats. They’re counting on us. You can also donate online at

Thank you for your support!

With Gratitude,

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Cassady Caldwell, Executive Director

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