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Our Streets are Heating Up

July 3, 2023 | 12:20pm

Our Streets are Heating Up

As our streets heat up in the sweltering summer sun, the helpless wandering animals of St. Louis need you more. 

Historically, the summer heat directly coincides with a big drop in donations. But animal abuse does not take a summer vacation. In fact, when temperatures rise we see a significant increase in the inhumane treatment of man's best friend. 

segway sad boy

In the past week alone, we've rescued injured animals off the street, one tied up to a fire hydrant on the hottest day of the year, moms and puppies living under trailers and porches, those matted so bad from neglect, skinny dogs covered in ticks, kittens living under dumpsters, puppies suffering from the parvovirus, and those hit by cars. We've also had puppies dumped on our doorstep, we've gone on highway calls, and canvassed neighborhoods that chain up their dogs, doing our best to educate and provide resources to those who don't know they have any.

IMG 4325

We've taken those that other shelters were ready to euthanize and discard simply because they needed medical care and they too don't have the resources they need. We've rescued from small towns where good Samaritans couldn't get any help after finding an injured animal. 

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If you're reading this and you're an animal lover, PLEASE consider donating any amount. 

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We're constantly battling the tides of animal cruelty, and at the moment we're having a hard time cming up for air. But your donations are the life raft these precious souls need. Your donations will keep us saying YES!

Meet some of the souls we are saving together:

This is Segway. 

When the call came in, we were told "It looks like his testicles got cut up and there's stuff hanging out." We headed over to East St. Louis and found the security guard who called. He had lost sight of him in some woods. We searched for awhile and finally we spotted him. We baby talked and this skinny boy and he came right over to us. Clearly in pain, he walked slowly and carefully. He was grateful for the kindness, vienna sausages, and was eager to go with us. We suspect testicular cancer, but will know more soon. He's beyond sweet, say a prayer for him. 

smallsegway smallball

This is Consuela. 

Something had somehow gotten wrapped around her foot so tight. She wandered the streets alone and no one was there to help her. Now her foot has died, her bone is exposed, and surrounding tissue is necrotic. We're scheduling an amputation for this week to free her of this painful nightmare. She seems to know she's safe now, she's been very calm upon arrival. 

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IMG 4425

IMG 4426

This is Mr. Man.

A woman in another town outside of St. Louis found a wandering dog who needed help. He was skinny, covered in scabs and scars, and his ears were full of big, fat bloodthirsty ticks. She called everywhere in her town but no one would take him. She drove for hours in the storms over the weekend to get him here because she knew we would help him. 

smallmm1 IMG 4354 smallmm2

This is Caribbean.

This dog has been roaming a neighborhood in north city for nearly a month. A kind woman has been feeding her 2-3 times a day but noticed she started getting really big over the last few weeks. This dog was pregnant and getting ready to pop. She called us Tuesday and kept an eye on her until we got there. This girl looks like just a puppy herself. We got her just in time because she had ELEVEN babies on the 4th of July! Can you imagine how scary it would be to give birth on the streets during one of the loudest, scariest nights of the year. She is safe now and will never have to go through this ever again. Her eleven little ones are doing great and will have good lives now. 

small caribbean smallcaribbeanincar IMG 4478 mom and 11 babies

This is Harrie.

Another pregnant mama joined us on the Fourth of July after a good Samaritan saw her climb under his porch. He called so upset because his neighbor couldn't wait to "light her up" with fireworks. He was planning to throw them under the porch at her. We went immediately and got her out. She basically RAN to the Jeep to go with us, thankful for safety and kindness. The cruelty never ends. 

harrie small

Six newborns.

And then there are these six newborn puppies with umbilical cords still attached and covered in fleas. They were found in a tupperware bin under a tree in Carondelet Park. We pray for their poor mom, having been ripped away from her babies. We are trying them with other mama dogs who recently completed nursing before we beg our community to step up to bottle-feed. 

newbornpile small newborn small1 newbornsmall2


Atlas and Lily.

Today, 7/6, someone brought in a sick puppy and his sister. They have spent their short lives outside and are malnourished, flies have eaten their ears away, and they are covered in fleas. The fleas have been helping themselves, and now Atlas is severely anemic and needs an emergency blood transfuion to make it through the night. We cannot do this particular blood transfusion in-house and will have to go to a specialty vet where we have been quoted $4,000 - $5,000. 

But when we look in his eyes, we can see for miles. There is so much depth, so much soul. His sister is very worried and knows smething is wrong. Dogs, even babies, are incredibly intelligent. Please give for Atlas! 

IMG 4592 IMG 4594

IMG 4613


We have brought in countless kittens, sick puppies, and injured adult dogs. As our disposable society keeps breeding more and discarding others, we have to come together to save the ones no one sees. These unloved souls just CRAVE attention and human touch. Help us save their broken hearts and aching bodies. NO AMOUNT is too small!: 


Sign me up to give $19.99/month. This way I can be a part of every rescue in the hottest parts of the summer, the coldest parts of the winter, and every month in between. I'm also excited to receive my free "thank you" t-shirt as a thank you! 


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