Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Heaven and Baby Angel

February 17, 2021 | 1:20pm

Donna was out checking for any cold strays who needed help and had someone with her on a ride-along. She stopped on the side of the road when she saw a doghouse, sitting in the middle of nowhere. She walked up to the doghouse, and saw straw sticking out of the front. Dread and heaviness filled her when she realized the doghouse was not empty. It hurts us to even type these words. Inside was a beautiful white dog with a collar, frozen to death. With her was a newborn puppy, also frozen to death.

Together, they lifted the entire doghouse into the jeep. They brought the whole family back to Stray Rescue so we can have them cremated and at least give them dignity in death. It's obvious the doghouse was dumped here, as it is nowhere near any houses or property. We are so sorry to give you this horrific and sickening news, but this is reality. This is why we beg people to bring their pets in during these dangerous and deadly temperatures. Even if you have to put them in your basement - do it. They will not survive in these temperatures. Please. So we don't have gut wrenching mornings like this. Doghouses and straw are NOT ENOUGH WHEN IT'S THIS COLD.

We named the mom "Heaven" and her newborn "Baby Angel."


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