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Hurricane Harvey

August 29, 2017 | 11:39am


"I Feel Like I'm Drowning"

Stray Rescue sends rescue team to St. Landry Parish Tuesday, 8/29

Imagine your dog is stranded at the pound, surrounded by water. He's all alone, hungry and terrified. He can't sit or lay down or else he'll be submerged in the flood water, so he is forced to stand on top of the dirty dog house in his enclosure until the water gets too high. Then what? There's nowhere to go to escape the cold, encroaching flood waters.

Bayou Rescue Hurrican Harvey WEB

Back in 2005, we sent a team down to Louisiana to help save lives during Hurricane Katrina and then again during Hurricane Gustav. And now it's time for us to save lives during Hurricane Harvey.

When Stacey, the Director of St. Landry Parish Animal Care and Rescue in Louisiana, called us in desperation saying, "I feel like I'm drowning," we jumped into action. Early this morning, we sent a rescue team down to transport about 20 dogs back to the safety of Stray Rescue. We can't wait for them to get back so we can give them a dry bed, good food, and lots of love and medical care.

We know that without our help, these dogs have no chance. Even without a natural disaster, this LA shelter doesn't have the resources to adopt these deserving animals to loving homes. During a hurricane, the shelter is flooded with animals separated from their families - whether surrendered or abandoned. We know we're their last hope at a life filled with love, comfort, and family.

Please help us save their lives today. We can't do this without you! Here's How:

FOSTER: You can either foster one of the dogs coming back from LA, or foster one of our current shelter residents at Stray Rescue to free a space for a LA dog.

ADOPT: If you've been thinking about adopting your new best friend, now is the perfect time! Fill out an adoption application, or come visit us at our Pine Street center to speak with one of our Adoption Counselors.

DONATE FOSTER SUPPLIES: We provide our foster homes with everything they need. We are in need of collars, leashes, crates, x-pens, food bowls, treats, and toys. Here is a link to our Amazon Wish List (you must be logged in to access).

DONATE: No matter how little or how much you are able to contribute, it all goes far in helping to alleviate the expenses associated with saving the lives of the dogs affected by tragedy.

Be their hero today! (Scroll down to donate, scroll to bottom to use PayPal.)

To read more about Stray Rescue's "Bayou Project," click here.

Another way to help - Get your "Bayou Project" t-shirt! Proceeds will go toward the medical care of the dogs we are bringing back! Lots of styles & sizes available.



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