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Living on the streets is so hard, this is Jessie

September 13, 2023 | 11:57am

Living on the streets is so hard, this is Jessie

Wednesday, 9/13

Oh my god, this poor little thing. She needs all of your prayers and good vibes. We're loading her up in the rescue Jeep now.  We named her Jessie and we don't know what happened yet, all we know is this angel needs swift help. Living on the streets is so hard. Updates coming asap


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The streets are so hardJessie needs everyone's prayers and good vibes sent her way
Click the picture to watch her rescue 
Oh my god, this poor little thing. She needs all of your prayers and good vibes. We picked her up today and loaded her into the rescue Jeep which acted as an ambulance.  We named her Jessie. We didn't know what happened, all we knew was this angel needed swift help.  
We just kept saying is "oh my goodness" "oh my gosh, baby."  
Here is the footage from Jessie's freedom ride (below). We took her directly to a specialty vet, as she's going to need around the clock care. They were so kind and welcoming when we arrived. They actually carried her inside as she was too weak to walk. We could just smell the infection in the car, it doesn't look like a fresh wound to us.She was extremely swollen, pus was coming out of her eye and another wound on her head, and her tongue was hanging out. We're not sure if it's from a dog fight or what, but what we DO KNOW is these wonderful people got her on pain meds, anti-nausea meds, and antibiotics immediately so she was no longer in pain.  
Click here to watch her freedom ride footage 
The trauma center got her sedated right away and began shaving her and cleaning her wounds. Her temperature dropped under sedation, but it is back up now. Her white and red blood cell counts are low, but her doctors are not surprised by that based on her infection. Animals break our heart. They are such amazing little creatures who look to us for love and care. Seeing them in this condition hurts beyond words. 
Below are Jessie's x-rays. Sometimes we can't see fractures and have to have them pointed out by our clinic manager to us, but we can easily see this.The bone below her eye, her orbital bone, is shattered. Her teeth on the same side are all messed up. Many are broken. Although the trauma is all on one side of her face, she also has wounds on top of her head and behind her ears.It's a mystery as to what exactly happened, but there are no bullet holes. And it does look like bite wounds, but it's odd there aren't any on her legs or other parts of her body.You can even see just how swollen she is in these x-rays.We'll update more in the morning.For now, she's safe and in wonderful, capable hands. 
**We will keep you updated every step of the way.**When we rescue a dog, we know they are as much your dog as they are ours. Your donations are the ones that save their lives. So we will keep you informed as timely as we can. Thank you all for your outpouring love, we know she feels all the goodness you are sending her.


Jessie's full story from the moment we rescued her until today:

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One of the most unforgettable things to happen in 2023 was how many people fell in love with Jessie. To all of our friends, near and far, you saved her. This photo is for you, as a thank you from your friends here in St. Louis. Here are some of the countries our supporters donated to her care from! Thank you for coming together, from all corners of the globe, to save this sweet little dog on Pine Street.
- Australia
- The Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Japan
- The United Kingdom
- Canada
- New Zealand
- Guatemala
- Germany
- Sweden
- Spain
- Singapore
- Brazil
- The Philippines
- France
- Malta
- Norway

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Here is the day she left with her Mom! 

When we took Jessie to the emergency vet, one of her nurses there fell in love with her. Once she was medically cleared, her favorite nurse came to Stray Rescue to adopt her! She said "I'll take care of you, and you'll take care of me." 

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