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We did not come this far to only come this far

July 23, 2020 | 9:15am


So who is Stray Rescue? We are the ones who rescue the dogs and cats that no one else will. Whether they are trying to survive the cruelty of the streets or suffering from severe abuse or major injuries, we promise them a safe haven with us. Regardless of effort or cost, we never give up on an animal if they can have a good life. We receive criticism periodically about this and hear comments like, "Why would you spend so much money on this one animal when you can save so many more instead?" It’s okay for others to have that opinion, but this goes against the core of everything we believe. Every single soul that comes through our door is treated as an individual. They’re all unique, important and they ALL deserve every effort we can give them. And we will continue to save others as well. The reason we can do whatever it takes is because of you. If you are reading this, you are the reason we can give everything we've got. And right now, Jumbo Jack needs everything we’ve got. 


This gentle soul came to us over a month ago after being brutally shot in the face. The gunshot shattered his jaw so badly it could not be repaired. His wound was about two weeks old when he came to us, swollen and infected. The pain he endured out in this heat drops us to our knees. And yet, he wagged his tail and pushed his head against our chests and just wanted to feel a comforting touch. This dog wanted to live. And he would still have good quality of life. So instead of taking the easy way out, we opted to send him to a specialist for emergency surgery where they removed half of his lower jaw. We've been feeding him with a feeding tube while his mouth heals and the swelling goes down. He is such a perfect patient and quite a gentleman! He looks into our eyes when we feed him and gives us a soft nuzzle. He enjoys going for car rides and for walks to smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine on his shiny, black coat. resizeimage 2

Over the last few days he's started feeling so much better, and we even saw him gallop on a walk! This dog is made of nothing but love. He has stolen our hearts, and we all give him massages and tell him about the day he will soon get nothing but cheeseburgers :) resizeimage 3

Sadly, on Wednesday at 4pm, his health took a sharp turn for the worse. His breathing became very labored and shallow, and he seemed so uncomfortable. Our amazing vet team checked on him immediately and discovered he had a pneumothorax, which means that air is escaping into his chest cavity. Without wasting a moment, we loaded him in the car and rushed him to an emergency specialist. Everyone prayed for him all night that he would make it. The car ride seemed to pep him up a bit (he loves car rides!). We had a long talk with him in the car and told him to be brave and strong. He’s so close to healing and tasting those cheeseburgers. He just has to go a little further. "Jack, we did not come this far to only come this far." resizeimage 4

He does have a lot of air in his chest which caused the sharp and sudden decline in his health. But we are hopeful since he is having a procedure today - his last chance. We were quoted $5,000 - $7,000. And we unapologetically said YES. 

Please help us raise these funds so Jumbo Jack can finally know love! He is in this mess because humans have let him down. We have been dreaming of the day he gets to play in a yard of his own with his loving family. We dream of him tasting a nutritious meal again. We dream of him lounging on a couch and taking a nap and being happy and healthy. If we all chip in a little, we can give him the life he deserves. And just like every other animal who comes to us for help, he deserves it. resizeimage 5

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