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Marco's Second Chance

March 26, 2019 | 2:46pm


Marco came in just a week after Harris. Here's his story:

March 24th

Meet Marco. This sweet boy was rescued by Donna yesterday. As you can see he is covered in bite marks that have gotten beyond infected and he has become septic. He is getting clinic care, love and support from the entire team. Marco is resting comfortably close to Harris in the clinic. Let’s pray Marco gets the second chance he deserves! 

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March 25th

Marco’s temperature was at 94 when he came in and now it is 98 (A normal temperature for a healthy adult dog is around 100-102). He did eat and drink this morning, and even went outside to go potty! These are all good signs, although he is not out of the woods yet. The next couple of days are still critical for him and we hope he continues to improve. He's getting some good rest in our clinic. Keep praying for him!

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March 26:

Sweet, sweet Marco.
He's on antibiotics and his body is fighting the infection. As this video shows, though, his wounds go deeper than what we see on the surface. We are here to help him through all stages of healing. He needs all of us!


March 28:

Update on Marco: You can hardly recognize him! Today was the first day we were able to drain and clean his wounds. He has many deep pockets in his head and legs, so he'll need to be cleaned several days and had some drains put in. It's so good to see his true face. We'll keep posting updates!

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March 30: 

Good morning from Marco! He just had his bandages changed. His eyes look so bright today! He is still having to have his bandages changed every day and his wounds cleaned. We will continue to post updates! See his heart-wrenching before photos and full story here. 

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April 1: 

Marco is doing great! He is getting a daily warm compress put on his neck and face, and should be getting his drain out in a couple of days if all continues to improve. Things are finally looking up for this precious boy! 

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April 5:

It's Opening Day!! 
Marco is still recovering from his many wounds, but he was able to sneak out for a quick picture at Busch Stadium and LOVED being out in the sunshine. This boy is so amazing. He is still healing and being monitored by our clinic, but we know he'll get there! Thank you for your prayers and support while he continues to heal. GO CARDS!

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April 6:

Sweet Marco has been doing so good but had a setback today. He swelled up again - his meds were changed due to a test sensitivity and this is the result, so he is now back on injectable antibiotics. He will hopefully improve in a few days. He will also need a skin flap procedure on his arm. Please keep him in your prayers, along with Harris.

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April 8:

Happy Monday everyone. Here are updates for Harris and Marco!

On to Marco!
As you know, Marco had a set back. Today he was taken into surgery and had the abscesses cleaned and drains put in. His face may still be swollen, but his upbeat attitude has not changed a bit.

Please continue to hold Harris and Marco in your thoughts and prayers. Your love and support has gotten them this far, but they still need you!

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April 12:

Update on Marco:
He has many abscesses that we continue to monitor. He'll need to have surgery on his leg as well. He has the best attitude of any patient, our vet techs and veterinarians just love him! We will continue to update you. Please give to our Shelter Fund Challenge, and help us

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April 17:

Marco's swelling is much better. His wounds are still draining and he's still being monitored in our clinic. But his personality is shining! He loves his many nurses and being out in the sun. His journey of healing continues.

Please consider giving to Stray Rescue in the National Shelter Challenge where we going head-to-head against other shelters to win cash bonuses!

 April 22: 

Your much awaited updates on Harris and Marco! 

Marco had surgery to partially close his leg. Now he needs time to heal. There is not enough skin to close the entire wound. The swelling in his face has gone down. Thank you for loving and praying ofr these two as they continue their healing journeys! 

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April 26:

Marco, we are all so proud of how far you have come! We know you can make it all the way. You've had so many ups and downs over the last month. But someone wonderful will adopt you and love you more than you have ever been loved in your whole life. Just keep healing and moving forward, buddy! Thank you everyone for loving and supporting him!

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May 1:

Great News! Marco has been cleared for a medical foster! He'll still need his bandages changed every 3 days, and has a ways to go until he is fully healed, but he has come so far! Think we've done a good job healing his heart? ❤️ This is one happy boy. He sure loves to make us smile!

 May 12:

Is this not one of the most beautiful before & after photos you have ever seen? #LOVEWINS

Marco is still looking for his medical foster home! He'll need to come in every 3 days for bandage changes. Let us know!

marco before 1marco before 2marco after

 May 14:

We knew a foster home would do Marco good! Here he is, excited in the car, and then falling asleep while getting pets. He'll get some good rest in a nice, comfy home and will heal so much faster.

Here's a message from his foster mom!

"Marco's first night and morning has been a success. He takes his medicine like a perfect angel, has a healthy appetite and went potty outside. When I sit with him he wants to be as close as possible, even if that means sitting in my lap. I can't wait for him to heal up so we can take that cone off for good! But he's being really good with it, no complaints from him." - Foster Mom Katie (Don't worry, she has promised to send lots of updates!)

marco foster 1marco foster 2marco foster 3marco foster 4

May 23

This is the way it should be. Marco is loving his foster home. He's even been getting to sleep in bed...! He's getting spoiled and he's loving. every. second. of. it. Thank you all for helping him get here! He's doing soooo good! And a big thank you to his awesome foster mama!

marco in foster1 marco in foster2marco in foster3

June 10

Good night everyone, from Marco! His foster mom sent us this - and this is what it's all about. LOVE.

marco in foster sleeping

July 1

It's the moment we've been waiting for.....(drum roll please)...
Please help us congratulate MARCO and his new family!! He is now officially adopted! His leg is almost fully healed but still requires some bandage changes. He had a long, hard road to recovery but his amazing, loving attitude made him the best patient ever. We want to thank everyone who had a part in getting him to where he is today - If you prayed, shared his posts, loved him from afar, and/or donated to his care, this moment is for you. Also, a big thank you and shout out to his amazing foster family and foster mom, Katie.

It truly takes a village to save them and we're so thankful you're a part of ours.


We will continue to update you on Marco on our Facebook and Instagram (strayrescuestl) pages, as well as this webpage.

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