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Animal Abuse doesn't take a Summer Vacation

June 18, 2019 | 11:45am


Animal Abuse doesn't take a Summer Vacation

WARNING Graphic Photos

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This week, we took in several horrible cases in needing medical emergency care. Stray Rescue doesn't get a summer vacation from animal abuse.

Marshall Tucker

First, meet our angel, Marshall Tucker. This little puppy needs your prayers! At just 9 weeks old, he has already seen the worst life has to offer. We're told he was attacked by another dog last Thursday. The infection is awful. This is such a horrible and sad case, but we will do everything in our power to save him, as long as it is in his best interest. He's finally getting the help he needs.

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His wounds have been cleaned and debrided, and all of the dead tissue has been removed, leaving a huge open hole. His ear drum is punctured, so he will more than likely be deaf in at least one ear. His eyes are swollen shut as well. But, it's not all grim. He had a blood transfusion last night, and ate some chicken this morning. He even sat up, which is a miracle in and of itself. At this time, our biggest fear is the infection and how long it's been festering. We pray it hasn't reached his brain or spinal cord and he can make a full recovery. With your loving support, we can lift him up and get him to a life of love he deserves. Chasing balls and playing with other doggy friends, and get to just be a puppy. Scroll down for more updates and photos.

marshall tucker 2 for web 

Lord Stanley

A few days ago, an off-duty police officer saw a bunch of people slowing down looking at something on the highway, so she decided to stop. She saw a large white pitbull, who had been hit by a car. She loaded him in her car and rushed him to Stray Rescue.  Our vet team was waiting for them when they arrived. Immediately, he showed us tail wags and tried to kiss our faces with his big blockhead. He had road rash down his legs and a painful looking leg injury. We sedated him to take x-rays, clean, and wrap his wounds.

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This video was taken when he was waking up. Can you believe he was still wagging his tail? What an amazing little soul he is. Unfortunately, his knee is completely luxated, (meaning it is dislocated and can move in all directions). This is a painful injury but we're hopeful it can be fixed.

He received his first specialty surgery, but will need more surgeries. He blew out 3 of 4 ligaments in his leg and is walking, but only to go potty and then he comes right back in. It will be a long road to recovery for him - probably 6-8 weeks. More bad news: Once his knee heals, he will need an FHO or total hip replacement. This guy was hit HARD. But he won't let it break his spirit. He's an inspiration.

These two dogs require expensive treatments and surgeries, but they deserve a chance. It is the Stray Rescue way to Leave NO Dog Behind.

So today, we ask you to please give if you can, even a few bucks makes a big difference. Lord Stanley and Marshall Tucker are getting the care they need because of your generosity. They need YOU! Every year, donations dwindle in the summer months as people take vacations and enjoy time with loved ones. These amazing animals don't have the luxury of time and could use a helping paw today.

We will continue to update you on both of these wonderful dogs.


Marshall Tucker Updates!


Marshall Tucker wants to tell everyone thank you for your prayers, he feels your love! His blood work is looking good - things are currently moving in the right direction. He's taking it day by day and is not out of the woods yet. He has a long way to go, but this little puppy is fighting! What an absolutely amazing soul.

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Marshall Tucker's prayer blanket:




You've been waiting for an update on Marshall Tucker... he's wagging his tail now!! He's getting stronger every day. He will need his bandages changed daily, probably for a couple of months to heal his large wound.



This perfect boy continues to make progress! He gets his bandages changed every day and he's healing. Marshall Tucker, you are so brave and strong - you are a WARRIOR! We love you!

marshall tucker 1



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