Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Minka smiles through the pain

March 23, 2021 | 4:05pm

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The phone rings at Stray Rescue, and a kind woman named Sheila is on the other end. She had just seen a dog dart into an abandoned house, and she looks like she has a horrible wound on her neck and needs help. Our rescue dispatch team sends Donna who heads out and spots the dog right away. But she’s been let down by humans before and is so scared, so she runs off and keeps her distance. Although she won't come close, she keeps her eye on Donna and listens to her kind, soothing voice. 

Eventually, she sits next to a nearby car and shakes. She thinks she's going to take a leap of faith and trust this person to help her...

On the way to Stray Rescue, she feels safe. She lays her head on the headrest and closes her eyes. Help at last.

As soon as she arrives at our trauma center, we get a good look at the wound on her neck and can see the full extent of her deep and painful injury. As soon as our doctors finish their current surgeries, they will sedate her to shave and clean her wounds. We named her Minka which means “strong-willed warrior.” 

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This sweet, gentle girl smiles at us through the pain with trust in her eyes, knowing we are the good guys who just want to help her. She is full of joy knowing she no longer has to dart around speeding cars and find a quiet abandoned house to hide in. 

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Before long, she is sedated. We know she is going to feel so much better when she wakes up. Our doctors reveal her strange wound. There is no chain or collar that’s been embedded, but the wounds are actually several large, gaping holes. We're led to believe this may be from an embedded pinch collar that has been removed. The entire clinic smells of infection. Because of this, we're not able to stitch her wounds closed. We'll have to administer bandages, clean her wounds and rebandage them every day until her wounds can heal on their own. 

Seeing her grateful and thankful heart fills ours. Thank you, Minka, for trusting us and for your beautiful soul. We will help you get your second chance. You deserve nothing less than our every effort. ​

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