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Misty’s Miracle

March 15, 2018 | 4:22pm


After the Virgin Islands suffered a one-two punch by two rare Category 5 hurricanes this fall, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria left nothing but devastation in their wake. 73% of the 103,000 residents were left without power, and 33,000 of those individuals and families applied for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Months later, residents are still grappling with daily survival while major rebuilding is underway. Many families had to flee their homes. So many animals and family pets were left behind. Dogs were tied to coconut trees, let loose, and trapped inside homes. The animal shelters on these small islands were overwhelmed with homeless animals and still are to this day.

One of the St. Thomas residents who lost their home to the devastation was country music star, Kenny Chesney. He witnessed first-hand the vast number of animals in need of help, and he wanted to do something. So he began the Love for Love City Project, paying for fuel to transport hundreds of dogs and cats to shelters across the United States.

Stray Rescue Executive Director, Cassady Caldwell, lived on Saint Thomas for years so it holds a special place in her heart.  She has been helping puppies there for the past couple of years. Once the hurricanes hit she knew Stray Rescue would step up to help in whatever way they could!  She knew folks in Chesney’s camp and reached out to help.

To date, Stray Rescue has been able to take in more than 50 dogs and cats since November, including Misty STT (STT stands for St. Thomas).

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Just 3 months old, Misty has already had a very difficult start at life. Her front legs are deformed as a result of malnutrition. With a motto of “Leave No Dog Behind” and the most incredible supporters and donors around, Stray Rescue offered to take Misty on one of the transports so that we could give her the help and medical attention she desperately needed. She flew with a carrier to Memphis, Tennessee before being picked up by a team sent from Stray Rescue.


When she finally arrived, we welcomed Misty with open arms and lots of love. Our incredible vet team wrapped her little legs in casts with splints, which would, in time, correct the deformity. She stayed in our clinic for a few days where she could be monitored before leaving for a foster home so she could finally relax and do the job of just learning how to be a puppy. Her foster mom says she is perfect, and she even smiles in her sleep.

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Her journey was long and her recovery is just beginning, but this little puppy (and every animal transported to Stray Rescue) will be given the chance to live a life of love, health and comfort. Our hearts go out to the families who had to flee the island and leave their animals behind. They pray that their beloved pets have made it to safety.

Donate to help Misty along with the other 49 animals we have taken in this year!


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