Stray Rescue of St. Louis

You deserve to know love and feel comfort

October 29, 2021 | 12:41pm



Heart. Broken. 
This sweet old lady joined our family today and is so, so sad. She has been neglected for so long.
She's miserable from itching, she's painful, her eyes hurt, her ears hurt, she's cold...she has no confidence.

moon backside 

This poor baby has GI parasites, entropian in both eyes and chronic dry eye so will need eye surgery to fix this, she has terrible skin from fleas, secondary infection, and sarcoptic mange. It's amazing to think that a simple monthly preventative such as Nexguard given by a responsible owner could have kept all of this suffering from happening.
She has arthritis and bad ear infections in both ears.


We are going to pour so much love into her and help her. Moon, you deserve to know love. You deserve to feel warm and you deserve to feel comfort. Our heart aches for this baby girl who has been denied life's simplest gifts.

moon curledup

To give to her care and upcoming surgery, please give here: 


or help Moon and so manh others like her by signing up to give monthly here:
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