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St. Louis, Missouri. One Step Closer to a No-Kill City!

October 13, 2017 | 4:03pm

St. Louis, Missouri. One Step Closer to a No-Kill City!

Decades ago, I remember trying to comfort the dogs at the old city pound on Gasconade, waiting for their turn to be gassed in the gas chamber. Back then, there were no rescue groups to give them even a thread of hope for salvation. When I could, I would illegally sneak dogs out of there. Concrete walls, dogs crammed into such tight places filled with their feces, no food or water...a prison would be considered luxurious to this killing machine. This so-called "shelter" was nothing short of repulsiveness and pure animal cruelty. I cried a lot whenever I left and hoped my loving touch mattered prior to their killing. "God, help me one day end this barbaric mistreatment of man's best friend," was the prayer that I said daily.

In 2003, Quentin - the miracle dog - survived the appalling gas chamber and became the catalyst for change. With Quentin by my side, we closed the gas chamber down, and that was a first major step towards basic decency for our area's unwanted pets.

quentin gasconade quentin gas chamber lores Quentin After

photos above: LEFT Quentin in Animal Control on death row CENTER the Gas Chamber Quentin survived from RIGHT Quentin today!

Fast forward to 2017, I now pet and love on the dogs while they eat plenty of food and then watch them play and finally see them go to a loving home. The killing days are over, and that is because Stray Rescue has now taken over the "care" side of Animal Care and Control for the dogs and cats. We staff the new location of ACC (commonly known as "the city pound"), and we apply the Stray Rescue philosophy of animal care at ACC. We provide costly medical care for ACC animals before we adopt out these innocent souls to their new homes. We do this with very minimal funding, but it's the right thing to do. We do this because we have an army of amazing donors who always step up to the plate, never wanting to see an innocent dog killed just because someone else thought their life wasn't worth anything. Their lives matter. They always did, even back in the days where all I could do is hug them and cry before their execution.

Group Walk ACC lores Sassy Plays ACC lowres Group Walk ACC josh lores

photos above: LEFT Group walks at ACC CENTER Sassy enjoying the pool RIGHT Caregiver Josh with Remington

Since we took over their care at the St. Louis City animal shelter, the adoption rate has increased by 60%, and the killing due to not having space has ended. Stray Rescue provides caregivers, enrichment/training and adoption staff at no cost to the city. Love, compassion and commitment is the norm.

Mash lowres javier lowres mr sprock low res

photos above: LEFT Mash C from ACC CENTER Caregiver Josh with Javier Bardem RIGHT Mr. Sprock C from ACC

I need you, and they need you. This is a new expense that we are struggling to cover, and this is my first ask to donate towards the ACC animals' medical care so we can keep the momentum going strong. We look forward to continuing the relationship with the city and continue to move forward to create a kinder, more humane St. Louis that we all can be proud of.

Please give today to the ACC Medical Care Fund by giving below. Or become a monthly donor and by donating each month, you make sure we have the means to save more of these animals we all love. When you become a recurring donor, not only will you get that feeling of helping animals in need, you'll also receive a special tote bag exclusively for our monthly givers!

Thanks and WOOF!

randy with quentin lores

Randy and his precious boy, Quentin, who is still alive to this day.

Randy Grim

Founder, Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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