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April 10, 2021 | 12:38pm


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We are so grateful to be moving out of such a brutal and tragic winter. The frigid temperatures didn't deter us, though, as we were out on the streets every day saving as many lives as we possibly could. Our hearts broke when we found Heaven and her Baby Angel - abandoned and frozen to death in a doghouse - and we mourned the life they could have had. Sadly all we could do at that point was show them respect, so we brought them back to Stray Rescue where they will remain part of our family forever. Every heartbeat we saved this winter brought relief that one more animal would never again have to survive another minute in the harsh elements. Now warm, safe, and loved as they should be. As we emerge into the warmth and renewal of Springtime, we are saving more lives than ever. And, as always, every one of them is treated as the unique and precious individual they are. 


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It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When we look in the eyes of the animals we rescue, this is most certainly true. Their eyes show the toll of the unfairness they have been forced to endure. There's so much we wish we could tell them in these moments, but sometimes we just need to listen to them, They speak so much with their eyes. They tell us of their sadness, fear, pain, and hunger, and it breaks our hearts into pieces. They tell us that all they want is love and understand and to truly be seen. 


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The minute they come through our shelter doors, we promise them that they are safe and that we will exhaust all efforts to give them the second chance every one of them deserves. Dogs like Hadley who came to use a mere skeleton and didn't have the strength to even lift her head. And Shubert who was completely defeated and exhausted from the dangers of the cruel streets. And Tallie who suffered from an embedded chain that she had been forced to wear for so long, the skin was growing over the chain. 


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And that's where YOU come in. You see them too. You feel their pain with your empathy, and your heart hurts when theirs does. Your unconditional love and investment in our mission ensures that we can keep our promise to every one of them. You are the reason we can perform lifesaving surgeries, repair broken limbs, treat painful wounds and provide a safe, clean place for mamas to give birth to puppies and kittens for the last time before they are spayed.  And then the most amazing thing happens. We see trust, hope and comfort in their eyes. They feel your love and understanding. And they feel SEEN! Because of you, Hadley was given the medical care, time and patience she needed to safely gain weight and strength. Because of you, Shubert learned to trust, accept love and learned what it was like to just be a dog and enjoy life. Because of you, Tallie was able to undergo surgery and remove the embedded chain and receive the medical care and attention she so desperately needed on her healing journey. 


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You are our heroes because you see what we see. With your vote of confidence, you inspire us to continue our important work every day and to always strive to do more. You are a part of our family and when you support our cause, YOU become part of every rescue. These precious animals are on their healing journey and path to a forever family because of you. Thank you for seeing their souls and seeing them as the individuals they are with their own unique needs. Thank you for seeing them as we see them. 


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We are so proud to be known as the organization that goes to great lengths to save every precious soul who enters our shelter, but we're only able to save them because of your generosity. We are truly grateful to you for believing in us and understanding the heart of every animal who needs your help, regardless of time, cost or effort. Every rescue is a result of your compassion, generosity and kindness. We're stronger together! 


With Gratitude, 


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