Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Miracles Come in Small Packages, Meet Pogo

October 30, 2023 | 2:47pm

Miracles Come in Small Packages

Meet Pogo

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We received a call from a Rottler Pest Solutions technician. They were working at a house and found a 2 month old kitten. Her legs were all cut up and swollen, and there were maggots in her wounds. They were here within 20 minutes and that baby went straight to our clinic. All four of her feet are crushed. They are necrotic with exposed bone! How did this happen to you little one?

Updates to come, we hope she can keep her feet. A few years ago we saved a little puppy named Hope who lost all of her toes due to frostbite. She made a full recovery so we know Pogo can, too. 

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We have Pogo's feet all wrapped up, and she's comfy now. She clutched the little stuffed animal we gave her! ?
This little baby has a long healing journey ahead, but we know she can do it. With time and love, she will heal. If you can give toward Pogo's care, please do. Every amount helps, no gift is too small. 

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