Stray Rescue of St. Louis

All aboard - Polar Express needs everyone's help!

December 27, 2018 | 9:31am


All aboard - Polar Express needs everyone's help!

We need to raise $7,000 to save both of Polar Express' legs

An adorable Beagle/Hound blend had made her way on to a remote construction site. According to the caller, it wasn’t unusual for dogs to get dumped here and this particular dog had been seen for a few days. But today when he saw her she couldn’t stand. Her back leg was bruised, swollen and bent. Her front leg on the same side was also bent and swollen. She needed medical attention so he called Stray Rescue. 

We got there as quickly as we could. In the meantime, the caller had gotten a cushion, his coat and a blanket to make her as comfortable as he could. It was immediately obvious that she had two broken legs and according to the caller, there was nothing in the area but trains that could have hit her. We wrapped her in the blanket and lifted her in the jeep. She didn’t make a peep, just wagged her tail knowing she was safe. 
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We rushed her to our on-site Trauma Center at Stray Rescue and the vet clinic went to work right away. At just a year old, this poor little soul has suffered so much. After reviewing her x-rays, our veterinarians discovered multiple fractures in both her front left leg and her rear left leg. We have splinted both legs, but she'll need to get specialty surgeries to repair her humerus and tibia. We named her Polar Express, and she couldn’t be any sweeter. But this girl has a long road of recovery and surgery before she is healed.
Surgery costs are estimated to be $7,000. With breaks on the same side, she can't even stand on her own. She needs ALL of us now! Please get on board to chip in to save her legs. You can be the one to help us give her a future.
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