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Prayers for Clide

March 12, 2021 | 12:02pm


Prayers for Clide 

We just picked up this poor baby - he has a prolapsed rectum. We're on our way back to our trauma center now, please say a prayer for this poor boy. Of course we got stuck waiting for a train! He smells of infection and we know he's in a lot of pain. His name is Clide. Thank you to the hero that called, we named him after him. Updates to come.

Our entire vet team was on deck and ready for Clide's arrival. He received pain meds immediately and was sedated and cleaned. Dr. Schulz believes he has been suffering for 4 to 5 days and unfortunately has a lot of necrotic tissue. However, he is stable which is a good sign. He's going to have surgery TODAY so keep him in your thoughts and send him all your positive vibes! We love you, buddy, we hope you can get through this!
Clide's prolapse is severe, but there is a chance he will make it through surgery and make a full recovery, so we have to give him that chance. Please give for his specialty surgery - we received an estimate for $6,000 to $7,000. There are complications that could happen during or after surgery, including when the necrotic tissue is removed, the remaining tissue may not be enough or may not be strong enough. But at Stray Rescue, we believe in miracles and always hope for the very best every time. We love this sweet boy and know he can pull through. He deserves a life with a family who will spoil him and love him.

A sad update: Good morning sweet friends. Clide had his surgery last night which proved to be long and difficult. He made it through surgery, but sadly did not make it through the night. He went into respiratory arrest. They tried CPR but were unable to get his heart going again. There had been a lot of damage done inside his colon and he just couldn’t handle it all. He had the very best surgeons and best care we could have ever given him. We’re broken hearted but are comforted knowing he was pain free from the second he was carried in. He had suffered on the street for days. He wasn’t all alone, in pain, and scared, and that is a wonderful gift to have given him. He loved to be held and kissed. Thank you for your generosity and goodness, he deserved the chance to live a beautiful life. He was such an angel. Rest easy, Clide, and know in the short time we knew you, we loved and adored you.

Clide loved

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