Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Pugsley Addams

October 23, 2020 | 10:01am


October 17th:

Meet Pugsley Addams. This poor baby is covered in puncture wounds, so we believe he was horribly beaten up by another dog. He's in our clinic now getting the emergency treatment he needs - we believe he is septic, he can't maintain his own temperature and his glucose is very low. We're taking blood and will run some tests. In the meantime, we're getting him started on fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics. Keep this guy in your heart, he needs the strength. 

pugsley small1 pugsley small3

pugsley small2 pugsley small5

puglsey small4 pugsley small6

October 18th:

Good Morning! Pugsley Addams made it through the night and can't resist a breakfast of sausages, to our relief. He does look better already. On top of all the bite wounds and sepsis, he has liver disease. We're still waiting on more test results, but have high hopes for this sweet baby. Keep doing whatever you are doing to send him strength! 

November 2nd: 

Pugsley Addams was sooo sad when he came in. He was depressed, beat up, hurting, and worried. His before pictures are much easier to look at now, because he is feeling AMAZING! He wears a t-shirt because the wounds around his neck won't allow a cone, and his swelling is going down. He's stolen the hearts of everyone in our clinic. His eyes are bright and he's smiling big!! That's the power of LOVE!



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