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Bye Quentin

October 21, 2018 | 6:43pm

Bye Quentin

Quentin, the Miracle Dog

I sit here with Quentin next to me knowing that later today I’ll be saying goodbye to a legend, a hero, a best friend, and my dear “kid.” I am crying and heartbroken over this, so I will keep this brief for now and expand on his incredible life. My heart will have to wait for later.

Quentin has done more for animal welfare than any human ever could. Surviving the gas chamber in 2003, he picked me to be his partner to close down numerous animal death chambers across the country, but his miracles didn’t stop there.

My miracle buddy also helped to spearhead the no-kill movement, an animal abuse task force, a shelter to protect the abused and forgotten, all the while keeping his dad, me, feeling loved and sane. He changed the landscape of an entire city, and I pray his legacy continues to be a driving force for a humane nation for all animals.

He lives with me at my rescue ranch, Randy’s Rescue Ranch, spending his golden days on this amazing property-- his final miracle. The ranch has a farmhouse, Katy Favre Hospice House, solely dedicated to once abused dogs with chronic impairments, hospice needs, and old age. They are another forgotten group in America’s animal shelter system. Quentin has spent the past year at the hospice house with other senior dogs and at my side. I pray that more cities nationwide adopt a plan like this, and for that to become one more miracle accomplished by the love of my life, Quentin.

Daddy loves you forever and ever.

Donations made to this memorial fund benefits the Hospice House at Randy's Rescue Ranch.

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