Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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Rescue Stories
October 30th Fire Engine Company #9 helped Stray Rescue rescue a dog after we flagged them down for help. She has been stuck on the second floor, pregnant and trapped in this falling apart building for amost a week. She almost jumped. Thank you Engine 9 and the great firefighters of St. Louis for saving the dog we now call E9! She would have died if it wasn't for your help. She is safe with Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Recently, while feeding many strays with Donna in Washington Park, we experienced a Dog God miracle. We both said it felt like a strange day, different than many others.
Sometimes it takes a great deal or an extreme situation to encourage a stray to be completely trusting, and that's what it took for Roofie, a dog who was stuck on an extremely unstable rooftop.    
Carlos the Pit Bull Gets a New Leash on Life in the U.S. By Tanya Mahrous, Best Friends Network Volunteer Writer After two strikes against him, Carlos has hit a homerun in life. In September 2008, I wrote about a special young pit bull named Carlos who had a tough start in life. He was just 2 years old but had already been through a couple surgeries and improper cropping of his ears with rope. Just when there was hope his forever home had been…
I want everyone to meet Chill. Donna, Pat and I rescued her recently. The pictures are tough to look at but it is the reality we see every day, the very sad plight of strays struggling to survive on the decaying urban streets. I have always said bombs could go off and do less damage in this heartbreaking world where people and street dogs co-exist in cruel poverty.
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