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Another Warrior Needs Your Prayers - This is Riley

May 30, 2019 | 4:12pm


Another Warrior Needs Your Prayers! This is Riley

May 25

Meet Riley this sweet baby was literally just rescued and is getting treated as you read this. His temp is extremely low and he is covered in deep infected wounds. Also, his body weight is extremely low and he is dehydrated. We know this boy will be a warrior like Marco, Harris and Gizmow! Please start that prayer chain again that kept them going! #warriors we will update soon.

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May 25 PM

Riley is resting comfortably. He has been given antibiotics, pain meds, fluids and everything else he needs to be comfortable with the main ingredient LOVE. As you know the first 24-48 hours are the most crucial, so keep the prayers coming animal warriors. #yearofthewarrior

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May 25 PM

One last bed time post. Riley got his nighttime fluids and meds. He is wrapped up and snuggled in for the night. #warrior

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May 26

Riley is in good spirits this morning and getting some water and love. He is able to nibble on food a little which we are so happy about!! We will update you on him later! Keep the love coming!!


May 30

Riley, you are the true meaning of strength and bravery. We know you will make it through this and feel better soon. You will never be pushed to the side ever again, because a world of love is waiting for you. Feel all the love and prayers from around the world, it will get easier, we promise. ❤️
may 30

June 5

We were so focused on getting Riley in the car and to Stray Rescue that we didn't share the footage of when we first saw him. Thank you to the kind soul who called us, and to the man who stopped to try to give him water. People who care enough to stop are life-saving heroes.
Update on Riley coming tonight.

June 6

Good morning, from Riley!
He just took a ride in his wagon and is now enjoying some fresh air and sunshine

riley chillin in the sun

June 7

Way to go, Riley! This very strong and determined boy stood up and even took a few steps today. He's getting stronger. We are so proud of him. His inner strength is shining, he is such an inspiration. We know he'll run and play one day. We'll keep the updates coming

 June 10

Good Morning Everyone!! Are you ready for this!? Riley didn't just take a few steps today, he went for a WALK! We are all crying! He's amazing! Thank you for praying for him, donating for him, supporting're the reason he's made it this far. Thank you!! Life-saving gifts can be made below!


June 21

Ever since Riley found the strength to walk, he's been ON THE MOVE! We took him to the yard for some loving and there were so many good things to smell. He continues to get stronger every day on his healing journey, and he's sweet as can be! #WARRIOR!


We will continue to add Riley updates to this page when we can. If you'd like to donate to his care specifically, you can give right here:

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