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Help us save Rosalina's leg!

November 9, 2023 | 10:49am

Help us save Rosalina's leg!

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The clock was ticking as Rosalina was set to be euthanized at another shelter within 30 minutes. Desperate employees called everyone they could think of because they just knew this dog could be saved and didn't have to lose her life. 

Sadly, Rosalina entered a shelter after being hit by a car. She couldn't walk, but they didn't know if she paralyzed or injured. At the very least, they wanted to find out the extent of her injuries so they could make an informed decision, and they believed she deserved that chance. Our shelter is beyond full, but we could hear the desperation in their voices, and we could certainly relate to their anxiety trying to save this sweet girl. We are blessed to run a no-kill shelter, but sadly there are just too many unwanted animals, and many shelters around the world are forced to euthanize every day. It is not something they want to do, and our hearts go out to them. 

We said, "Bring her here!" 

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Sure enough, a car pulled up in our alley just 30 minutes later. We took Rosalina in and began providing medical care along with taking x-rays. We discovered one of her rear legs was badly broken, and her front leg had a nasty abscess. The break and the abscess are on the same side, so she wasn't able to stand or walk on her own. She just doesn't have a leg that she can put weight on since both injuries are on the same side. But! Thankfully, she is NOT paralyzed! She just needed help. 


Now this is where you come in! We could amputate her back leg, but the break is fixable. Always staying true to our mission, we will do everything we can to give her that chance. We promise these dogs the best possible life we can give them. In order to save her rear leg, we need to raise $6,000. This girl will be running on her own again, but it will take some time. Can you chip in a couple of dollars to help us raise the funds to fix her leg? She is such a kind, gracious, and affectionate dog. She actually smiles when we kiss her, as if she knows her life has been spared! Although she can't walk, she can certainly roll over for belly rubs! She leans into whoever is giving her love and has so much love to give back. We know this girl who almost lost her life can live a full, happy, and healthy life. AND she's going to make someone sooooo happy. 

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We know we can do this TOGETHER! Click to give and keep an eye on our progress bar to see how close we are to the goal! Thank you for standing beside us and lifting us up for the benefit and health of EVERY animal who needs our lifesaving help.

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